2018 Fall December 16 Sunday

38 degrees this morning, no walk, 58 % humidity 

After my comments yesterday about internet safety, of course, someone tries to steal my  identity of my Facebook page.  

It wasn’t so much as my page getting “hacked”, some crook actually added a “y” to my name, copied my profile picture and then e-mailed my “friends” asking them to be “friends”.   Fortunately a couple of quick eyed people noticed the misspelling and notified me.  

I notified Facebook, hopefully they got right on it. 

I found out later that it is a fairly common attempt by crooks and there isn’t really anything you can do about it. 

At least it did cause me to change my password and put in “2 party authentication”, which I hate, but it is an extra layer of protection.  

Perhaps the worst thing is how it makes you feel, you really wonder why “I” was picked for this although I am sure they do literally millions at a time.  I am sure it is for some type of fraud, probably of an advertiser.  

It also caused me to change my profile picture, I was surprised that there wasn’t any way (that I have found yet) to stop your profile picture from being copied, which seems sort of odd.

I don’t know if the Internet is going to “fall” from the hacking and crooks, but it certainly takes up a lot of time and money that otherwise could go for something useful.  

I continue to have a “head cold” I think the 7 days are up Tuesday and hopefully I will be well by then.  I am ready to get back to walking and feeling better!  

Our first actually “training” session is this week.  While I feel basically my walking and weight lifting has kept me in basically good shape, I have neglected some areas.  Of course I also need to pay more attention to what I eat.  

i need to rephrase that, I don’t need to “pay more attention” to what I eat, i need to change my eating patterns again.  

I have found the one thing that really helped was eating less carbs.  I wasn’t a dedicated “no carbs at all” person, but a general limit on carbs like bread, potatoes etc.  I kept eating my oatmeal in the morning with blueberries and fruits and vegetables.  Basically I tried to limit my  carbs to “slow carbs”.  

Seems easy, but it’s not!  Like a lot of things that are “good for you” it is easy to talk about it, but difficult to do.

I have found one technique that works, at least for me, is the “one day at at time”, where I think “tomorrow I can eat all the donuts and cake I want, but today I’m not going too!”  Of course, the idea is that “tomorrow never comes since it is alway today”.   

You know you are fooling your mind, but it works.  Kind of like the restaurant that runs the sign “free crab legs tomorrow”, it is never tomorrow!  

That’s ti for now, Sunday, December 16, 2018.

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