2018 Fall December 19 Wednesday

43 degrees this morning, no walk, 93% humidity 

No walk this morning as my head cold continues.  Feeling better this morning, thank goodness, although  I felt last night like my cold had gone into my ear, which worried me.  (TMI, I expect!)

A street car system opened up in the central city near us.  It appears like it is well used, although it is still new and free!  

After an introductory period of 3 weeks for so, they will start charging and quit running on Sunday except for special events.  It always surprises me when a City or business or whatever spends millions of dollars on something and then handcuffs themselves with restrictions! 

It isn’t like people don’t work on Sunday, go to Church and eat etc.  Why they kick themselves in the foot is beyond me! 

Probably it will cost more to manage the streetcar fares than they will receive.  Streets and sidewalks are free to use, why isn’t a streetcar?  

The city we live in (about 100,000) has free bus service, including roundtrip to the Central City downtown area (where they can get a streetcar) and also the State Capital.  

I don’t know the history of it, but, as I said before, I expect it is more expensive to police and manage the fares than they would receive in revenue.  

The bus service provides free transportation for college students, free transportation to the Social Security office, major employment centers etc. It is even comforting to know if we ever can’t drive it is available.  (Free “door to door” service is available for qualified elderly and handicapped.)

I think projects like this is why this city is considered the best city to live in this state and is one of the top cities in the nation. 

I had heard that before moving here, and now that I have lived here for almost 3 years, I believe it!

Not that it is perfect, but it is pretty good.

As I may have mentioned, the Mayor here suddenly died.  He was one of what I consider the “dedicated citizen”  who serves because he wants to improve the community and not, like many, because he has a “single cause” he is a fanatic on, or is supported by lobbyists who expect favors.  

Reading his accomplishments is amazing and rather disturbing, since I wonder if there are people out there (who can get elected)  whose primary goal is to improve the community without regard to serving donors, lobbyists or an extreme cause of some sort.  

He had filed for reelection and unfortunately State Law does not allow his name to be  taken off he ballot, which means he could win the primary and general elections and obviously wouldn’t be available to serve.  

It seems there should be a procedure to remove his name off the ballot, and have a brief filing period, especially when an incumbent was running, since there were person who didn’t file because he incumbent was running.

The purpose should be to to elect the best possible person, not follow some archaistic law or procedure. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

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