2018 Fall December 20 Thursday

42 degrees this morning (feels like 34), no walk, humidity 65%

Still have head cold, calling Doctor, it seems to just hang on, and I need to get back to living! (without a head cold).  A lot of it may well be allergies and I’ll plan on getting allergy testing for that part of it.

Finished Holiday cards etc, most presents.

Christmas music each year seems to be different.  Some years I hear a lot of good Christmas music, other years, like this year, I don’t seem to be able to find the right Christmas channel!!

Other years have been the same, and some years (like last year) it is a great year for Christmas music. I have  lot on my computer if it comes to that, but usually I listen while I am driving etc.  

I recently read where South Carolina GOP was talking about canceling their primary to insure the lying coward lunatic doesn’t have any competition.  

Obviously something has gone wrong with the concept that “the people” elect the leaders, not the donors,  lobbyists and many huge businesses and organizations  who have ripped off trillions from the government and now are trying to buy it so they can control it and rip it off big time.  

I recently read where extremist supporters of the lying coward lunatic were spending literally hundreds of millions of dollars in one state to study the last election to see why Democrats won and how they could steal the election for the lying coward lunatic in 2020.  (Well, it didn’t really say that, but that is what it meant). 

This is really sick that they have so much money they can literally waste billions on “studying”.  

I can tell them for nothing, people are tired of a lying, incompetent, coward lunatic destroying the country and world and him selling out to his donors and lobbyists.  

Just got a “news flash” that lying coward lunatic and his band of criminals (such as the robot Nazi Miller, who should be in jail) are tying to “bypass Congress” (read, deciding they are dictators and subject to no one) and increase work requirements for food stamps.  

This really infuriates me, the lying coward lunatic, flies to his own “resort”, spending billions of tax $, eats a 20 course inflated price meal with Tax $ and then concentrates on trying to harass elderly and low and moderate income persons.  Sick.

What rock did these cretins crawl from?  I really wonder if they have any human tendencies at all, other than to rip off our tax $ as much as they can and shovel tax $ to their donors and lobbyists so they con continue the high living on our tax $.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, December 20, 2018.

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