2018 Winter December 24 Monday

36 degrees this morning (feels like 30), no walk, 75 % humidity 

Feeling much better, but yesterday I had a little temporary setback after apparently swallowing (if that is the correct word) some dust.  Fortunately it was temporary. 

However, it did make me consider how soon I was resuming walking outside.  I wasn’t planning on it today anyway, due to some other event this morning, but I was hoping tomorrow or Wednesday.  We’ll see, probably be more like late this week.  

Read yesterday about the “zero energy use home”.  The concept is that the home uses technology (solar, LED lighting, well insulated etc.) so that the “net energy use” is either zero or actually produces power.  

I don’t recall ever hearing about the concept except in unique cases, but California is requiring all new residential structures meet the standard by 2020 and all commercial structures by 2030.  

Apparently many new houses are currently being built to the “zero energy” standard.  

Since homes consume 40% of all energy, the potential future of this is amazing.  However, it is so expensive to retrofit an existing home, it is almost or is cheaper to build new then to retrofit and existing home to a “zero net energy” home.  

Many “net zero energy” homes incorporate electric vehicle charging into their structure to further extend energy savings.  

I expect the development of batteries that can power houses “off the grid” will further extend the conservation of energy.  It will be interesting to watch this trend develop.  

I haven’t read about any big development in battery technology lately, but expect there is a lot of work on it.

The lying coward lunatic is really losing it.  He displayed his cowardly ways again by not having even having the courage to tell the Secretary of Defense he was going to remove him two months early since he was telling the truth about him and the lunatic only accepts praise and is very thin skinned.   

He actually was so cowardly, he did it through a “tweet”, apparently after receiving his walking instructions from the fox propaganda machine, “fox and bootlickers” and the nutzo talk show hosts. 

Appears the lying coward lunatic can’t make up his own mind, he has to listen to his “handlers”, extreme nuts that are only interested in promoting themselves so they can get more advertising money, Russia, and his donors and lobbyists.  

I is really scary to think that the lying incompetent coward lunatic is running round like a spoiled kid, careening from all over in response to a bunch of extreme nuts, his donors and lobbyists,  and taking his orders from Russia to boot.  

As some reports mention there are no more “adults” in the room, just a bunch of nuts, and big donors and lobbyists who have already ripped off trillions of tax $ from the lunatic.  

Time for the congressional cowards to develop some courage and stop this lunatic before it is too late, if it already isn’t. 

I think in a lot of ways the congressional cowards who enabled this lunatic so they could rip off trillions in “tax breaks” and government contracts for their donors and lobbyists are as much a villain as the lunatic.  

That’s it for now, Monday, December 24, 2018.  Take a break and have a Merry Christmas  

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