2018 Winter December 25 Tuesday

36 degrees this morning, no walk, 92% humidity 

No walk this morning, feeling much better.  Probably will hold off on resuming walks until at least this weekend since Wednesday and Thursday will be “field days” and Friday will include a Training day.  It will be good to get back to my routine.  

Finished watching “The Wire” yesterday.  It only lasted five seasons and was from around 2008 to 2008, but it is still listed as “the best” series ever on HBO. I agree.  It was an amazing series and while I realize is was basically 10 years old at the newest, it really didn’t seem that old.

As I mentioned before, the casual use of some the language is jarring, unrealistic and doesn’t really contribute to the story, but it is an excellent series in spite of this juvenile error on the part of the series.

Oddly enough “The Sopranos” is the second “best series ever” on HBO.  I agree for the most part although some of the later stages got overextended.  

The ending of The Wire was unfortunate, they tried to tie too many things together.  If they had wanted to do that, they should have added another year and finished it up.  By far, the first season is the best, with possibly the 4th season next, although all five seasons are excellent.  

Endings can be a problem and “The Wire” didn’t handle it well.  

By contrast, “The Sopranos” was the best ending of a series I have ever seen.  Although I don’t watch many series,  I can’t imagine a better ending.  

All, “in my opinion”, like everything else I write here!  

Sometimes, I think the supporters of the lying coward incompetent lunatic must support him like a secret part of us supports Tony Soprano or some of the criminals (on both sides) in “The Wire”.   

Tony Soprano and the criminals in “The Wire” had some redeeming human qualities (as in many movies and novels) which is why you have qualms about your feelings about their future.  

Trying to find another series to watch on my lunch breaks and “coffee shop” breaks.  Started “Orange is the New Black”, but so far I don’t think it will be worth my time.  I may watch a little more, but it really doesn’t keep my attention and doesn’t appear to be near as well acted as “The Sopranos” and “The Wire”.  I don’t want to stop it too soon, but I”m not going to invest a lot of time in it either.  

Last, and most important, day of the Christmas holidays.  Our family Christmas is basically over, although we have out own tradition we follow on Christmas Day.  

After Christmas, there seems to be a basic shift in our cultural behavior, from Christmas to the New Year.  To me, the shift is rather jarring, but, as I said, endings are difficult.

That’s it for now, Christmas 2018, Tuesday, December 25, 2018.

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