2018 Fall December 26 Wednesday

56 degrees this morning, no walk, 95% humidity 

No walk, light rain in any event, also not sure if it is quite time to resume walking yet, still have some effects from the heal cold etc.

Actually got up thinking about walking, but the rain would have stopped a walk in any event.  

Traditionally, we go out to eat on Christmas Day.  We continued that tradition yesterday, at a relatively new restaurant which was doing Christmas Dinner for the first time.  It was wonderful and the food was excellent.  Of course, too much to eat also!  

Another “tradition” we have is watching “A Christmas Story” every Christmas. Now, we watch it straight through.  However, when we lived in Lakeland and visited for Christmas, we frequently stayed in a hotel, we would catch parts of it all day as we went in an out.  

No matter how may times I see it, I always see something new (or maybe that I forgot).

One of my favorite Christmas songs (among many) is “I’l be home for Christmas” and one of my favorite performances of it is is by Rascal Flatts  I hadn’t see it this year, but am watching a recording of it while I write this.  A last Christmas present for a great Christmas!  

Speaking of energy savings etc., I recently learned that an artificial Christmas tree would have to reused for 20 years for it to be “greener’ than using a living tree!  I assume because of the manufacturing process for the artificial  Christmas tree.  

However, I doubt that includes the environmental  cost of traveling to pick up the natural tree, the environmental  costs of disposing of it etc.  

i don’t have anything against a “natural” Christmas tree, I just think it is so much easier to have a artificial tree, plus you don’t have worry about bugs, tree debris etc.  And,in my case, being allergic to it!

Today is my first “field day” since last Thursday.  I am trying to plan where I can avoid (and avoid bothering) the “after Christmas” sales crowds!

Another dream.  I have been having a lot of wild dreams lately, this is one i had written my memory of it.  For some reason, I don’t remember most of them long enough to write down.

12-25-18:  Dreamed Aliene and I were  in  a hotel in attending a conference.  I was trying to find where to go for for a lunch meeting.

I couldn’t find the location  I went round the hotel looking.  I suddenly realized I was wearing only a long sleeve white shirt and undershorts.

I looked for an elevator and couldn’t find an elevator.  

Then I realized I didn’t have a key.  I was thinking about wrapping a towel around myself to get a hotel key.   

I woke up

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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