2018 Fall December 27 Thursday

56 degrees this morning, no walk, 91% humidity 

No walk this morning, about ready to get started again, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday.

Heavy rain all day yesterday, one of those days of continuous heavy rain.  On the way home, there was very limited visibility in addition to the rain.  One of those times when I just drive carefully and hope everyone else is also!

Still eating “Christmas leftovers”, which is always good for a change!  I think leftovers are one of the pleasures of the holidays!

I have several books of “thoughts” i glance at occasionally. Sometimes I don’t see anything that ignites thoughts, other times I do.  

I noted a short thought about how “the fire that burns the meadow starts from a small flame” and “the river that erodes the mountain starts drop by drop”.  

The thought also notes “s small flame can be extinguished by a cup of water” and “a little bit of water can be blocked by earth” etc.  

The thought ties this into the “Fires of resentment” and the “fire of malice”  and the water of affection and attachment.

The point is that it is easy to extinguish the “fires of resentment and malice” before they get out of hand and turn into huge fires we can’t control.  

One of those concepts it is easy to understand but sometimes hard to implement!  I will try to remember to suppress my “flames of resentment and malice” while they are small!

I think the problem (or perhaps opportunity) with such “book of thoughts” is that “when the student is ready the teacher appears”, but sometimes the student simply isn’t ready and I don’t know how I remain or become “ready”.  Easier said than done!

I found a good “app”, or at least  good so far.  “Auto Sleep” for the apple watch.  If you sleep with your watch on, it is amazingly effective at tracking your sleep and the times you are in “deep sleep” etc.  

The app provides a “summary” of actual sleep time, time in “deep sleep” and the time in “quality sleep”, as well as your average sleeping pulse. A

s far as I can tell, it is accurate, including being able  to differentiate between “sleep” and just lying down and not sleeping.  The app also picks up on my “naps” and assigned eh quality of sleep to each phase.

I’m not sure what  I am going to do with the information, but it is interesting to review it.  I’ll look at the app and research and see if I need to change my sleeping habits!

That’s it now, Thursday, December 27, 2018.

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