2018 Winter December 28 Friday

27 degrees this morning (feels like 19), no walk, 74% humidity 

Planning to walk this morning, didn’t  for obvious reason (27 degrees with a 12 mph wind), I decided to wait!  I can walk on an inside area now, need to get started on it.  

Read a “lesson” on “leadership” that hit home.  The “thought” (or “lesson”) was “leadership is observing peoples conditions and knowing them in both upper and lower echelons”.  

The “lesson” specific that when “inner conditions” are understood, then the inside and outside are in “harmony”.

While the language is a little different, the lesson is that “a leader cannot discern peoples psychological conditions,  then “matters are disordered” and “leadership goes to ruin”.  

It mentioned that (my summary), poor leadership results from a leader who “holds to biased news, fails to comprehend peoples feelings, rejects community counsel, gives importance to own authority and practices private favoritism”.

I don’t know if I could have said that, but I certainly agree with it.  Having seen Leadership from both sides has certainly provided me some perspective on Leadership.

I really think the biggest problem of Leaders is simply failure to listen and consider other opinions, an arrogance in thinking only your perspective is the correct one.  

Obviously the worst problem is the “ivory tower” where a leader develops a group of people who are scared to tell the leader the truth.  That is probably the biggest step to failure.

I think that is the importance of a free press and it is a shame when a news network, newspapers,  becomes a propaganda machine for the politicians and it loses all perspective of the truth and fairness.  

I recently read some Facebook entries  that were really embarrassing and scary.  Comments on the news that Michelle Obama was the most respected woman in America.  The comments were hateful, lies and made me wonder what rock these cretins crawled from.  Obviously they are living in their own world of hate and racism.  I guess I should feel sorry for them for being so filed with such hate.

I blocked them permanently so their hate and insecurity would not infect me.  

I think that is the legacy of the lying coward incompetent lunatic.  The way he just flat lied to American troops overseas is amazing as well as turning a “troop visit” to a political campaign.  Lied that they “hadn’t had a raise in years” when they had a raise every year from 1983 and he lied they had “gotten a 10% raise” this year when it was 2.6%.  Why does anyone believe anything this lunatic says? 

That’s it for now, Friday, December 28,2018.

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