2018 Fall December 29 Saturday

25 degrees this morning, feels like 15 degrees, no walk, humidity 81%

No walk this morning, simply not used to walking in cold. Plan on walking inside later today.

Hopefully this won’t be a permanent change, unless that is the best.  

Even though it was only  a 3 day work-week, I was ready for the weekend!   I will actually have the weekend, followed by one work day, followed by another holiday (New Year Day).

Working with the Trainer has been interesting.  It has pointed out areas I need to work on as well as changes in technique I need to make.  Most of it I enjoy, a few not so much!  

Staples accidentally sent a double order to me.  As I had mentioned previously, my order took over a week and one-half to get here and than I get a double order.  What irritates me is that instead of arranging to pick it up, they expect me to take it to a Staples store or a UPS store.  

Again, wasting an hour of time due to their mistake.  

A similar situation is the medical (doctors visits, tests etc.).  They make a mistake on filing insurance and then expect us to pay for their incompetence.  Again, the problem is the time I hassle with calling the error to their attention, and then calling the insurance company to prove they made a mistake, I have wasted several hours on their errors.

What makes it even more irritating is their high-handed arrogance that they “didn’t make a mistake” until you prove they did.  

“Mistakes” like his (always in favor of the Doctor or clinic of course) have ranged from several dollars to $900!  Radiologists and  anesthesiologists seem  to be the most arrogant and make the biggest mistakes, followed by dermatologists.  Just our experience.  

The cold weather has been somewhat of a surprise, although we are very glad it wasn’t that cold when it  rained all day earlier this week!   We have been reading about the snow storms and are glad all we had to deal with is cold weather and rain!

Local elections are  coming up over the next few months.  I expect the campaigns will heat up after the first of the year.  It will be interesting since there are primaries for each seat.  There will be a 3 new (of a 5 member Council) no matter what since two Council members decided not run again and the Mayor passed away.

As I have noted before, people don’t pay a lot of attention to local elections, even though they voters have the most impact on local elections and  City Council  has the most impact on the local residents.  Also, the City Council etc. is most accessible to the voters.

By contrast, a lot of attention is paid to the presidential election, and, in this state, it doesn’t really matter how you vote (due to the Electoral College system).  Basically 5 or so states elect the President, which makes it easy for an incompetent to steal it.

I’m not making any “New Year Resolutions”.  Hopefully I will continue to improve on a daily basis (continuous improvement”.  

Nothing wrong with New Year Resolutions, they just aren’t for me.  

I will need to get used to writing “2019” or “19”!  I am thinking of just writing it down a few ties so I won’t be writing “18” any more!

That’s it for today, Saturday, December 29, 2018.

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