2018 Fall December 30 2018

29 degrees this morning, no walk, 76% humidity 

Supposed to warm up today, after a very cold day yesterday.  Did walk and bicycle inside, starting regular program of exercise involving “all body” workout, based on training sessions.  

Another disappointment with a local furniture store.  Supposed to “call” to deliver an item, instead they e-mailed.  Since when I am “in the field” I don’t normally check my personal e-mail until after I get back, I didn’t realize that they had e-mailed a time that we couldn’t be here. 

I have a feeling that it didn’t matter, they are in this area for certain period of time, which is understandable.

However, supposed to deliver today (Sunday)  and didn’t get an e-mail or phone call on a delivery time as promised.  

I never quite trust this furniture company anyway supposed to the the best and lowest price etc, but of course they always load various fees on etc. and sometimes I think they deliver a different (inferior) product than you see in the showroom.   Probably not, but it frequently seems to be a disappointing purchase.  

They use “commission-only” sales persons which is probably part of the problem.  In theory that should work as they attempt to develop a following, but it seems to be a matter of-over-concern with the immediate sale and no concern about follow-up satisfaction.  

Just my thoughts on it, a lot of people are very satisfied with them.  

I always get a little concerned about getting “captured” by possessions.  I’m not really talking about big items, I mean the small items.  I’ve carted “free” items I’ve picked up at conferences or small purchases around on the basis “I may need them” sometime, even though it makes more sense just to buy them when I need them!  (You ought to see my “pen” collection even after I tossed all of them that the ink had stiffened etc.)

Actually, make that “if” I need them!  I have actually gotten much better, still have an emotional attachment to “stuff” I need to just toss or give away.  It is actually much easier to give it away, hoping someone can use it!  

I have always resented the “pushy” sales people on houses, cars ad other high-priced items you may live with for years!  I really am not going to make a decision about a house or a car etc. based on a one-time visit etc.  

As they say, “mistakes” are the way you get “experience”.  There is nothing worse than buying a big purchase and then seeing a “fatal flaw” that you really can’t (or at least will be very irritating) to live with!

We have adopted the policy that we won’t “learn to live” with a design error etc., the small defects suddenly loom large when you have to live with them!   We just don’t buy (or rent or whatever) it if it has a defect we think may become hard to live with.  

A lot of it stems from “expectations”.  It is good to have high expectations, but it is also good to be realistic about your expectations.  Will go into more detail on this on another day!

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 30, 2018.  


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