2018 Fall December 31 Monday

36 degrees this morning, rain, no walk, 95% humidity, feels like 29 degrees 

Rain again this morning. At least it isn’t freezing rain or snow!  Supposed to be about the same temperature all day.

Walked at a “inside” track yesterday, felt good to “exercise” walk again, although my pace was extremely slow.  I thought I was walking fast, and I was probably slower than I even have been walking outside!  Of course it could be I haven’t “exercised walked” for a while also and walking inside is just different.  

Did some of my “exercises”, need to learn how to set some of the machines etc.  It will be good to do them on a regular basis.  Hopefully I can also start swimming again also.  

Last day of 2018 today.   Looking back over the year, it is more or less a blur.  Somehow, as life proceeded, the years begin to meld together to where it is difficult to remember what happened each year, or remember the year an event happented.   (This started when I was in my late 20’s, maybe early 30’s).  

Sad in a way, that each year gradually becomes vague, with some years standing out.  The year Aliene and I got married I remember (although with the year before), the year we moved to Tennessee, then then years blur until we moved in 2014, but now even those years from 2014 to 2018 (soon 2019) are somewhat of a blur.

I remember how I used to wait for something to happen and then suddenly it had happened (graduation from high school, graduation from college, the Air Force, first job etc.).    

I can remember talking while in college about how hard it would be to work all year, no Summer’s off, long Christmas breaks etc.  Actually not hard at all, the years suddenly pass until I am considering when I will retire, although I plan on retirement activities  

As possible retirement approaches, I keep thinking I need to plan for another “encore retirement” activity, probably not a full-time job, but something I enjoy doing, but that gives me more time.  I am looking forward to time to ride my bicycle, walk etc., exercise etc, as well as a chance to read and start a new challenge.

I have been thinking of various things I can do after I retire. While I currently  see “retirement” as some vague, “future time”, I am sure it will get here before I know it, although I don’t have any specific plans or even a time frame.  

I enjoy my job and the variety of activities, and will see what unfolds.  In any event, I can’t ‘retire’ from my current job until I get a specific minimum time in.  

I will probably do some reflection today on 2018 and 2019.  As I have mentioned before, I am not all that interested in reviewing the past, except to review “what worked” and “what didn’t work”.  

Whatever, 2019 will be here tomorrow and another year begins

Wishing all a Happy and Rewarding 2019!

That’s it for now, Monday, December 31, 2018.


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