2019 Winter January 1 Tuesday

23 degrees this morning (feels like 10 degrees), no walk, 73% humidity 

No walk this morning, although I am going to the gym to walk inside and also do my exercises.  A cold way to start the new year!

The cold weather kind of surprised me, I wasn’t really expecting until I saw a brief report last night.  May be snow at some time this week.

We haven’t planned our Winter get-away, can’t really plan it right now.  If I miss this year (actually last year was the first time we had actually done out “winter getaway” to a warm area, so it’s not like it is breaking a major tradition or anything), but I certainly would like to start a tradition!

A New Year is starting, my major problem with it will be remembering to write “2019”.  At work, there are some entries which can’t be corrected (other than with another entry making your error obvious), so I always try to double check that I put the new year in correctly!  

For some reason the newspaper isn’t here yet.   Not that it matters much anymore. 

The local “major” newspaper recently “downsized” to where it is a skeleton of what it was.  It has basically become classified ads and sports pages.  The major part of the newspaper now is actually the sports pages, which I don’t hardly ever read.  

Not that I don’t like sports, but I don’t waste time reading about them or listening to the endless sports talk.  It is what it is and I don’t understand the reason for the endless analysis or talking about it.  Whatever.  

Apparently the newspaper, which used to be a major force in the state and read statewide is now telling subscribers they are “no longer wanted” and cutting back the subscription base.  

Of course, they probably bought it on themselves by cutting staff, starting to run “stories” that are really just ads etc. and concentrating more on making money than being a newspaper.  

Probably the future of most newspapers, but the newspapers that actually attempt to be newspapers and not “cash cows” are actually doing pretty good and making a profit!  

Obviously it is easy for me to criticize, but I think the newspaper was bought by a corporation whose major concern is making a lot of money, not in being a decent newspaper, and it shows.  They are short-term oriented, which seems to be a problem with businesses.  

Have to mention a dream I had yesterday.  I just remembered the last part.  What was a little unusual was that I recognized the site of the dream, although it was not exact of course.  

I have had a lot of dreams lately, but I haven’t been remembering many of them.

Dream 12-31-18

Riding in our car (Camry) in Oklahoma City in a heavy rain.  We were going to eat someplace I believe. 

Some strange traffic, went by a man sitting in the middle of the freeway.  (right in the middle lane), a lot of stuff on the freeway.   Maybe a reflection of all the homeless people I see on my “field days”.  

Turned into a side street, the car suddenly jolted to a stop and would not restart.   I was thinking of what to do when I woke up.

Have a Happy, Rewarding and Wonderful 2019!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

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