2019 Winter January 2 Wednesday

23 degrees this morning (feels like 16 degrees) no walk, 73% humidity

Temperature stayed at about 24 degrees all day yesterday and didn’t get much higher.  Supposed to get to about 38 degrees later today.  

No walk since not used to cold, but will walk at the fitness center later this morning.  Also went to the fitness center yesterday morning and walked inside after I did my round of exercises (well most of them) as prescribed by my trainer  

Walking inside is different to say the least.  At least I am getting my exercise although I like walking outside a lot better.  

Snow and perhaps ice may be coming in tonight or over the weekend.  We’ll see!  It is all still rather sketchy as to how the weather may be.  Anyway, since it is January anything could be expected.  

Today, 1-2-19,  marks 4 years and 6 months since we have moved, and 4 years and 4 months on my job.  I like to reflect on the major change in our lives that now seem routine.  

Although I realize life is lived “day by day” or even “moment by moment”, not by months or years, the decisions we  make in the “day” or “moment” impact our “day to day” or “moment to moment” living.

As I mentioned recently, I feel that pushy sales persons who try to get you to decide on a house, a car etc.  without adequate time to consider is simply unacceptable and I am not going to decide on such major purchases until I have had time to throughly check them out.  I normally have a “3 day rule” I simply don’t make a decision for 3 days. 

As an example, we have a 7 year old car we would never have purchased if we had known how incompetent the “settings” on the instrument panel were.  The design was horrible.  We had had the same model, which was excellent, and, of course, “assumed” that the design would be the same, much to our sorrow.  

There is also the “commission” effect.  An incompetent Realtor or car salesperson doesn’t really care what you really want, they just want their large commission, the additional commission they receive from an additional item is small. As an example, the 7 year old car I mentioned, had some safety items that we would have waited and purchased on another car.  

Same with a Realtor who pressures you to sell at a low price, what do they really care about 6% on an additional (for example)  $5,000 if they can make their $12,000 commission (for example) immediately?  Most probably aren’t that way, but I know from experience some are. 

Same with buying a house, a Realtor will make light of a defect so they can get their Commission.  I will never let the Realtor select the Inspector again!   

As I read once, I don’t care what someone brags about “getting a good deal”, a person who buys one car every 3-10 years is at the mercy of a person who sells several cars every week.  I think the person who sells cars or houses is ethically required (although not legally) required to research what you want, not simply try to get a commission.  Once they get the basic commission, the extras that are so important to the buyer or seller mean little to them.

Well, back to the start of the “normal” routine that happens after January 1.  I’m glad I have an office day scheduled today, with the temperature and weather!  

That’s it for today, Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

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