2019 Winter January 3 Thursday

31 degrees this morning, no walk, freezing rain, 89% humidity 

Had a short burst of freezing rain yesterday afternoon, indicating how fast freezing rain can create hazardous conditions.

In the metropolitan area, traffic was horrible last night due to numerous accidents from freezing rain etc.  

Today and tomorrow are forecast to include freezing rain and up to 6 inches or so of snow, which is a lot around here.  It is nice not to “have” to go out the weather so I can elect to work in my home office. 

Of course that also means I won’t get much exercise, other than what I can do at home. 

Had a good New Year weekend etc. (with one workday in between the weekend and New Year Day).  Didn’t watch hardly any of the college football bowl games, (actually watched 2 and kind of had a 3rd one on), but overall none of the  other games seemed interesting or involved teams that I could care less about whether they won or lost.  

I don’t believe we have watched a professional NFL game the entire season, maybe one when we had guests.  I always like to watch some of the playoff games, I will be pulling for Kansas City, even though I haven’t seen any of their games this year.  Professional football has basically become boring, there are so many other things hat I want to spend my time on.  

Part of it was the way the games are decided in “overtime”, it is strictly a matter of luck part of it is other factors.  I think there are so many teams I have no interest in watching  and obviously it is all about the money are major factors.   

Had a recent discussion on what term to use to refer to people over 55 etc. The starting age group can actually range from 50 to 65.  The term “Senior Citizen” is actually most used, I actually like the term ‘geezer” (not really), and the person I talked to liked the term “elder”.

Of course, my feeling is, why worry about any term for any age group?  The actually age is irrelevant, although I am sure there are some general common traits of age groups.  

We have started the new year by upgrading and replacing some furniture.  It has actually made a big (positive) difference in our house, although we are waiting for the final piece of furniture to arrive.  (Actually we only purchased two pieces of furniture and are replacing four pieces,)  

I have been trying to look at “weeding” our possessions with the view that the “carrying cost” of keeping it is more than the “replacement cost” of having to purchase something I dispose of.  

Also, I need to consider that, with product improvements, disposing of an item now may make sense since when I replace it, it may be a much improved product. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 3, 2019 

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