2019 Winter January 5 Saturday

34 degrees this morning, no walk, 90% humidity 

Yesterday, morning was icy but most of the snow melted during the day.  Refreezing melted snow etc., still could create problems.  It is supposed to get warmer today which should finish off any snow etc.  

Looking forward to a week of “warm” weather, in the 50’s.  Plan on getting to the fitness center today to walk and exercise.  

Several months ago, Google announced they were closing  “Google +”.  Actually I liked it and am sorry to see it closed. 

What puzzles me is that I haven’t heard anything about the procedure.  For example, are all entries going to disappear? If so, I’ll stop posting since I am wasting my time.  Strange that they haven’t provided any information on it.  

While I didn’t use many of the features of Google +, it was a well-designed site and I am sorry to see it closed.  I really don’t know if  they are going to continue some of the features or not.   

A consequence of using a product operated by a large company. 

We continue to experiment with our Echo’s.  It is fun to experiment with them.  Some of the features we depend  on (alarms, lists, timers, etc.).  I recently set up an intercom system for the house, it even supplements our security system.  I also have it hooked up to Sirius XM for music etc.  

It is fun to experiment with and learn new features.  We got a Google mini free as part of another purchase.  There are some things I like better about the Google mini, but  we already had the Echo dots set up.  

Another dream:

Dream: 1-3-19

Dreamed staying in motel room, an old building that had been renovated.

Apparently it was related to the current wether because i was icy outside, and I was working, but not out of an office.

Met a variety of people, I dreamed I was sitting in the lobby, apparently trying to work, while a variety of people paraded through.  (In the dream, they were very weird).

At one point, there were several vehicles in the lobby and a man sat in a pickup and commented about how Ford missed  by failing to “hybridize”  the truck.The truck was rising when he said it, like it was connected to the ceiling on a winch.

A woman sat on a chair and it broke apart.  At another point, I was looking for an elevator and all I saw was a wall.  

Kept thinking I needed to get to work, on my work items.

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 5, 2019

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