2019 Winter January 6 Sunday

50 degrees this morning, no walk (sore throat), 61% humidity

Weather is obviously much better.  Didn’t walk outside this morning, still have, or have a new cold with sore throat.  Not bad, may even be something else and not a cold

I did note the two days I didn’t go outside much, I didn’t cough etc., so that tells me something.  

Did a full exercise/walk session at the fitness center yesterday.  It may be time to switch to doing must of my daily exercise at the fitness center, although I definitely plan to keep on exercising outside.  

I tried doing some of the exercises yesterday seemed to go will.  Best of all, the swimming pool at the fitness center appeared to have open lanes etc. the entire time, which bodes well for returning to swimming on a regular basis.  

The fitness center is nice, I especially like the fact that they provide towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, even mouthwash and lotion!  It is nice not to have to haul that back and forth and makes it very easy to take a shower.

The lockers even are “digital” locking, so I don’t need to haul a padlock and keys around either.  

Electric razor experiment is still going on.  I need to find out exactly how to clean it before I do too much more.  The company did send me an PDF of the manual, which will help.  

I have never seen a cleaning device like came with the razor so I am proceeding carefully.  It actually has a container of fluid, which I think is some type of oil, there is even a warning that it is flammable, so I am proceeding very slowly!

We have been using “Apple compatible” watch bands for our Apple Watches.  They are about 10 to 20% of the cost of the Apple watch bands and seemed to work well.  

However last night I got a defective one and almost couldn’t get it off the watch!  (I ordered two bands and one fit perfect, but…).   Anyway, no more “Apple compatible” watch bands, we’ll just bite the bullet and buy Apple watchbands. 

It is too bad because the ones we got looked good and seemed to work well.  We are talking about a big difference like 10% of the cost for the band I like, but I can’t take a chance anymore on it after my experience last night.  

Unfortunately my battery on my MacBook Air is starting to develop a shorter operational time before I need to recharge it.  Still not bad, but it doesn’t go all day anymore like it used too. The computer is about 5.5 years old, so it still is a good computer etc.  If the battery goes, I will have a decision to make, either I buy another battery, or a new laptop.  I expect I have a while to make a decision.  

If the computer is still good, it makes sense to buy another battery, since it is a good basic computer and should be good for basic tasks for years.  However, a new computer will be up to date etc. and run all the new programs well.  It may depend on when the next “upgrade” its expected. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 6, 2018

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