2019 Winter January 7 Monday

61 degrees this morning, No walk (schedule), 79 % humidity 

No walk this morning due to my schedule, but I am also rethinking my exercise program.  Probably, for at least a test period, will go the fitness center and do an “indoor walk” as well as do my exercises.  

That would change an almost (if I remember right) 35 year habit of walking outside early each morning.  However, at one point (when I first started exercising in earnest againI), I actually went to a fitness center and walked on the treadmill and swim and then walk after work.  

I actually started walking outside early in the morning in about 1994.  (Before that I would walk in the evening or at noon).  I started at 5:00 a.m, than gradually slid the time earlier to the time I walk now, which I have been doing at this time for about 12 years at least.  (I started waking up earlier, but declined to walk any earlier!)

In 2000, I started riding a bike seriously after I developed plantar fasciitis, which is absolutely no fun, but I also continued walking.

It will be difficult to change from my my early morning walk (especially when the weather gets better), but I’ll see.  There are a lot of advantages to going to the fitness center, especially once I start swimming and I would still start early in the morning, although several hours later since the fitness center doesn’t open as early as I get up. 

My new exercise routine made me realize how limited my current exercise program at home is (sit-ups, lifting dumb bells and then bench presses), although I could do a lot of the new exercises  at home  also. . 

Since January 1, I have received my newspapers one time in a relatively timely manner, two days I didn’t even get a newspaper after I called.   

I made sure to call every day to document the missed and late deliveries.

The local metropolitan newspaper has turned into basically one of the weekly “free” papers.  They have fired all their staff except the ad salespersons and their sports writers (a little exaggeration but not much).  Literally 50% of the articles are sports articles that I have no interest in reading. 

Perhaps worse, about half of their articles are now “sponsored”, (i.e. ads)  just like the “free” weekly newspaper.  

Of course, there political leanings are now infiltrating the news stories so it is time to cancel.

I am also going to cancel the Wall Street Journal.  It is still a good paper, but, again, the political philosophy is starting to influence their articles and I really don’t have time to read it and they keep raising the price.  

A little more difficult decision is the Sunday New York Times.  I may decide to keep it, it is impossible to read it over the internet and I enjoy reading it.  

Start of the first “full work week” for several weeks and the first “full week” of the year.  

That’s it for now, Monday, January 7, 2019. 

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