2019 Winter January 8 Tuesday

41 degrees this morning, walk inside, 82% humidity 

Still have cough and cold hanging on (or starting again, hopefully not), decided to walk at fitness center this morning.  Also, walking at the fitness center will provide me experience in determining if it will work to walk and exercise (and swim) at the fitness center on a regular basis.

I am thinking of a combination, going to the fitness center 3 or 4 days per week and doing exercises and walking outside the other days, so I can incorporate exercises into my routine on a regular basis.  

Today is the first “real” day of a “regular” week I have been to the fitness center, which will also play a role in what I do in the future.  If it is busy and difficult to exercise, I will need to consider that in my plans.  

Outside Christmas decorations are basically down for another year (or 11 months), which means the Winter has truly started.  Somehow the Christmas/Holiday decorations and music delay the effects of Winter.  

Looking at the “Siri Shortcuts” for the iPhone last night.  I have been vaguely aware of them for some time, just got around to researching how to do it.  It appears to have a lot of possibilities, but some limitations also.  

The concept is that I can say a “start” word and the phone will perform some operations for me, like send a message, start a recording, file something etc. 

Just noted the upcoming weather, today is supposed to be the “warmest” day of the week, cooler weather, possibility snow and rain coming later this week.  They are forecasting a “cold rain”, which I assume is not a “freezing rain”!  

The college “national championship” is over.  I don’t have any problem with the game itself, but I was tired of hearing about it.  Fortunately I was able to avoid the gushing about it by using the “fast forward” button, not reading the sports pages (which I never did anyway) and avoiding any articles about it.  

I had to call about the “non-delivery” fo the local newspapers yesterday.  That makes one time since January 1 when they have been delivered without me calling about them.  

As I have mentioned the metropolitan newspaper has turned into a joke, the new owners have abandoned any idea of a decent newspaper to maximize their profit, so I will cancel my subscription including the “internet” part.  

Also, their editorial page simply makes me want to make sure I don’t support such organizations with views like they espouse.  The worst part is their extremist views and “profit at any cost) is now going to all of their news articles (those that aren’t “sponsored” articles or ads disguised as “news”.

I’ll see how my new exercise routine works this morning.  With the coming cold weather it sounds like I will be going to the fitness center for the next few days.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 8, 2019. 

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