2019 Winter January 9 Wednesday

31 degrees this morning (feels like 26), humidity 78 degrees.

No outside walk this morning.  Walked/exercised at the fitness center yesterday, seemed to work well.  

Best of all, the swimming pool had open lanes the entire time , so that bodes well for swimming as part of my exercise routine.  (Part of the walking path overlooks the swimming pool.)

Walking for yesterday was two sets of walking (a walk to start, then exercises, then another walk).  Time was 18:07 minutes for the first walk and 17:00 minutes for the second walk.

I am still getting used to the exercises, there are a wide variety of them.  

One reason I haven’t tried walking outside is a hanging on cough and cold.  I am getting very tired of being sick, or at least the hanging on cold and cough.  

2019 has just started and January is already a third over!  I haven’t even gotten used to writing “2019” yet!

I mentioned the app “auto sleep” which works with the Apple watch.  It is really amazing, and it appears to be correct.  I haven’t even really gotten beyond the basics yet.  

Playing around with the Siri “shortcuts”.  Normal problems, but it appears to work well.  As always on this type of program, I move slow and experiment.  So far, the only thing I have seen up is my nap time, but then that is important.  

I like the concept of being able to automatically record thoughts.  I can use the Echo as a memory device, but not in the car etc.  

The “iCloud sync” sounds especially interesting since it means that the same commands are available on all devices.  

Watching the national scene with dismay as the lying coward lunatic spirals down into absolute madness and his band of incompetent cowards and thieves who are “running” the government into the ground.  

Worse is the coward congress that I’m sure will be held accountable for their cowardice and shoveling tax $ to donors and lobbyists, while running up the federal deficit to unbelievable levels.

Of course, now that they have paid off the donors, lobbyists and enriched themselves by shoveling trillions of tax $ to donors, lobbyists and themselves,  there are crying about the deficit and how they have to screw low-income people, the elderly etc. to “reduce the deficit”. 

Hopefully the ballot box will correct this madness and cowardly behavior  in 2020.

The lying coward lunatic who had completely lost touch with reality  and is surrounded by  coward “yes people” and letting extremist “talk radio” nuts run the government is bad enough.  

What is really bad is the congressional cowards who don’t stop this madness. 

That’s it for today, Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

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