2019 Winter January 10 Thursday

35 degrees this morning, no outdoor walk, 59% humidity 

Cold morning again, may walk inside when fitness center opens, haven’t decided yet.  Still have a nagging cold and cough, considering trying to “finish it off” and skip walking to avoid the unfortunate effects of cold air on me (coughing etc.(

Also, since today is a “field day”, I hesitate to try something relatively new on a “field day”, especially when I am still recovering from a cold etc.  I”ll make the decision when the time gets closer depending on how I feel. 

The reason I am concerned about a “Field Day” is that I spend a lot of time in and out of the cold air all day, so I hesitate to start the day with exposure to cold air and exercise (both of which cause me to cough).  

Weird, I started off the day yesterday thinking it was January 10, so my comment the month was already a third over.  I didn’t realize until I looked at it that it was really January 9!  Maybe I wanted to skip the day!  

Had to switch out DVR’s (the new one already is showing signs of being faulty), which means we lost all of our programs we had recorded.  

It is impossible to watch much of the “live” tv.  The commercials are so horrible, I only feel execration for them.  Too many of them try too hard to be “cute” they end up just being stupid or crude.

Even worse are the “talking heads” at sports events.  I really think they have forgotten the purpose of sports.  

Years ago, i aw an “experimental” football game without any announcers, it was great.  Of course it was never repeated.  

I think the football game Monday night had, I believe, SIX announcers!  This is for a way is really just game between students who are basically 18-22 years of age!  Whatever.

Recently received a copy of the Newsletter I have mentioned before.  I don’t agree with a lot of it, but it is interesting to read and think about.  

One thought he mentioned was the problem with “Leaders” like the U.S. President is that they can get “captured” by their own image of the office.  His comment was they “look in the mirror” and see someone who rides everywhere in motorcades, security guards, everything is taken care of etc.

What they see instead of an ordinary person is they see (and start acting) like a “superior human being who is always right”.   Of course, if it is like the current occupant, he can’t stand criticism or any honest evaluations of his actions, so he surrounds himself with “yes persons” who will only tell him what he wants to hear and it just gets worse.

Obviously the lying coward lunatic is just getting worse and descending into being completely out of touch with reality and thinking he is some kind of superior dictator.  Scary.  Especially scary when you see the congressional bootlicking cowards and the attacks on news media that “dares to say the lunatic is incompetent and delusional’.

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 10, 2019

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