2019 Winter January 11 Friday

45 degrees this morning, 56 % humidity 

Rain this morning, in spite of 10% chance of rain!  Later today the chances of rain are as high as 100% (subject to change I assume!)

Walk yesterday (indoors) was two stages, one 18.06 minutes and one 18:18 minutes.  

For some reason, my pace is about a minute slower (per mile) than walking outside.  I’ll need to research and see if there is a reason for that (other than I have gotten out of shape, but I don’t believe that is so!)

Friday is here!  As the first “full week” it went relatively fast, at least looking back from the perspective of Friday!

The Apple watch has come in handy in several ways recently.  While I won’t go into detail, the “phone” aspect of the watch and some of the other special features proved to be valuable.  

I just turned on the “defib” part of the watch.  I didn’t even realize I had it, or I would have turned it on some time ago.  Although I don’t believe I have any problems in that area, I think that is where the watch is valuable!

I really didn’t think I’d use the “phone” aspect of the Apple Watch at all, except for the “look at this” factor.  Actually I use it quite a bit and it is very handy and helpful.  

I am debating getting a new iPhone.  I originally had planned to get one in November or December, but time just kind of passed. Probably passive resistance to change and having to learn new techniques etc. 

I can trade in my existing phone and get $200 off, plus I also get a Veterans discount of 10% (I think I can get both), so it brings down the cost a lot.  

Working some more on “Siri Shortcuts”, I learned about how I can do quite a bit with it.  There are some rather puzzling limitations to it that I am learning how to get around.  I decided I was going to learn all I could before I tried anything but the simplest procedures.  

I think Apple Computer is missing a big part of the market by not having a “touch screen” on their computers.  It seems rather juvenile of them (or cheap) not to have a touch screen.  Their reasons for not doing so are absurd, especially considering the iPod, iPhone and iWatch all have successful touch screens.  

Fortunately my MacBook Air is plugging along.  It is hard to deviate from the Apple ecosystem.  It has been really valuable to be able to put something on one computer and then it shows up on all of them!  

It comes in real handy on items where it is hard to input a lot of info on the phone etc. I can use the computer and it shows up on the phone, watch and other computers etc. 

The federal government is rapidly descending into incompetence, reflecting the lying coward lunatic and his arrogant disregard of the fact that he is incompetent and really isn’t good at anything other than lying.  All of the cowardly ‘yes persons” who only bootlick him only makes it worse.  

Congress really needs to limit the presidential powers, the lying coward lunatic (or any future President)  shouldn’t be able to arbitrarily destroy the economic with tariffs due to his insecurity and emotional instability.  Obviously declaring an “Emergency” to try to fulfill some insane political promise is grounds for the 25th amendment and removing him for mental incompetence or impeaching him for criminal and illegal actions.

That’s it for now,  Friday, January 11, 2019.

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