2019 Winter January 12 Saturday

40 degrees this morning, rain and wind, 100% humidity (feels like 35)

Rain, wind, very miserable weather all day yesterday and all night.  Hopefully will end this morning (still raining nowI)  No walk.

Weather like this is actually worse than snow, but I’ll take it anyway, since the effects of snow (and certainly ice) are worse!

Overall, this started as a cold, miserable, winter and probably will continue!

Got a call yesterday morning at 7: am.  from “Microsoft”, advising me my “Microsoft” computer was sending signals of being hacked, or words to that effect and I needed to call “Microsoft” to get the matter corrected.  

Of course, the problem is I don’t have any “Microsoft” computers and I let them know in no uncertain terms, I didn’t have any such computers and I knew they were low level scum crooks.  

In fact, I even called them back and told them so.  I was surprised they answered, although they apparently thought they had a sucker.  

What really angered me was getting the call at a very busy time for me (especially on Friday), I am trying transition to work mode, get the trash carts out, including recycling yesterday, eat breakfast and generally am not in the mood for scam phone calls!

Worse yet, the call was waking up Aliene and a 7:00 am. call is normally not good news. 

I have to wonder about the scum criminals who would resort to such tactics, and I was very pleased to let them know what I thought.  Probably not a good idea to do so, but yesterday morning was an exception. 

Getting rid of boxes, as one means to getting rid of “stuff”.  As I mentioned, I enjoy cutting boxes down.  I don’t know why, but I enjoy taking cardboard  boxes and turning them into pieces small enough that I run an internal competition to see how many boxes I can get in the recycling cart!  

At least the City here takes cardboard for recycling, the “central city” doesn’t, or at least didn’t when we lived there.  

Still having problems with the delivery of the papers.   Since January 1, the paper delivery has not been on time (I mean, like  6 hours late and four hours late at best).  I am becoming a regular at the complaint “problem with delivery” websites and phones.

The Wall Street Journal has a great web based  complaint site.  For some reason the local “major city newspaper”  (which by now is not the best paper in the area,) has a phone line that, no matter what time of the day, has a message there is a “at least a 30 minute delay in getting to talk to a representative”. 

Of course, I don’t want to talk to a representative, I just want to leave a message my paper wasn’t delivered.  Seems like they would have an web based complaint system, especially when there service and newspaper has gotten so bad.  

Again, I think the company bought the newspaper planning go rip it off for maximum profits  or whatever and forget they still have a newspaper to put out.  Certainly the quality has deteriorated to the point it is becoming a joke.  

That’s it for now,  Saturday, January 12, 2019.



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