2019 Winter January 13 Sunday

30 degrees this morning (fells like 21), 84% humidity

Weather continues to be very nasty, at least no snow or ice!  

Finished the book on “private prisons”, where the author worked in a private prison for a magazine.  Private prisons are nothing more than a huge scam of tax dollars and a source of funding for politicians.  

While I realize people are usually in prison for a reason, the private prisons fail to provide even minimum medical care (since they have to pay for it) and fail to provide actual rehabilitation since it costs money.  

Lack of inspections or accountability allow them to get by with inadequate staffing etc and not even provide the minimum standards of the contract.  

Listening to the book on “biology” during my walk.  One interesting study was about some birds.   The female and male birds are identical, except that the male bird has a “mustache” marking on its face.

As an experiment, the researcher took a female bird that had already paired up with a male bird and they had even had babies etc.

The researcher painted a “mustache” on the female bird.  When she returned to the nest, the male bird chased her off like he would another male bird and didn’t recognize her.  

The researcher than took the ‘mustache” off, and the female bird returned to the nest and was accepted like nothing had happened!

I’m not sure what that means, but I assume it means all animals have certain cues etc. Even humans have a lot of cues that they use to filter their relationships etc.  

I have been having really vivid dreams lately, but haven’t remembered them long enough to write them own.  This is one I wrote down:

Dream 1-11-19

Dreamed Aliene and I were on a city bus.  The bus clipped the rear of a pickup as it turned.

The bus driver pulled over, got out and started back to the accident.

The bus started rolling forward, apparently the bus driver had forgotten to put the gear into Park.

Then it started rolling back, picking up speed, everyone screaming and I started wondering if the bus was going to tip over etc.  

Somehow I went out of that dream into a dream about a moving van.  Somehow the back part had opened and I walked around picking up stuff.  I was looking for “purple” items and was pulling up plants to see if the roots were purple (this was a dream remember).

The dream seemed very real and vivid.  I was glad to wake up and realize it was only a dream

That’s it for today Sunday, January 13, 2019.

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