2019 Fall January 14 Monday

33 degrees this morning 86% humidity, indoor walk

Miserable weather continues, at least it isn’t snowing or ice!  The wind and cold combine to make a truly miserable cold.

Walk indoors yesterday was for (first stage) 17:37 minutes and then (second stage) 18:40 minutes.  In-between, I do exercises.  We’ll see what develops.

In the not too distant future, I’d like to start incorporating swimming, at least several days per week,  So far, there has been room in the swimming pool, which is great.

One of the aspects of “lap swimming” I don’t care for is when it is busy and I have to share a lane.  Not that I mind sharing with someone who understands I’m not the best swimmer in the world, but I don’t like dealing with someone who thinks they are the best swimmer i the world!

Recently read about how the drug companies are raising the price of insulin by a factor of hundreds and persons with Type 1 diabetes are actually dying because they can’t afford a drug that has been around for over a  hundred years and costs pennies to make.  

There is absolutely no reason except for they know they literally have a captive market and they can extort money.  They truly ought to send the drug company executives to jail.  

Also read where the lying coward lunatic’s incompetent  “Secretary of Agriculture” is rewarding his buddies, donors and lobbyists by going bad to high milk products (they are actually only offering milk, no water at lunch!), and high fat and high sodium food to school children. 

This is so he can reward the dairy industry, whom he used to work for as a lobbyist.  Doesn’t care about the children, just maximizing profit from government programs!

AllI I know is that for the lying coward lunatic and his bootlicking incompetent criminal cowards “what goes around comes around”. 

There will be a correction and payback for these greedy, evil and incompetent criminals.  

I recently read about the emergence of “self driving trucks” and how they will help alleviate the driver shortage for trucking companies and delivery services.  

Apparently the next step is to have “self driving” trucks on the long-haul portions that are on interstates etc, and then have humans take over for the actual delivery.  

While I certainly feel it is about time that self driving vehicles are being developed, I think they still have a long ways to go.  Perhaps the highway driving will be a good start for trucks.  

Looking at the larger picture, i have to wonder, what is the breaking point, when the shortage of truck drivers limits delivery of products?  

Perhaps the self-driving trucks will get here in time to prevent a sudden shortage of transpiration.  

I really don’t see how “drones” will be able to handle the “last mile”of delivery.  I read about a test of drones for delivery (I believe in Australia) and they were noisy and had accidents and missed deliveries.

The “noise’ got me.  How can anyone inflict noise on an entire area just for  the “convenience” of several minutes saved in a delivery?  

Perhaps they will finally progress to quiet electric drones and resolve the noise problem anyway.

Start of another week.  At least this weekend is a 3 day holiday again!

That’s it for now, Monday, January 14, 2019.

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