2019 Winter January 15 Tuesday

36 degrees this morning (feels like 28), 85% humidity 

Weather actually got relatively nice yesterday (for Winter) as the temperature went up some and the sun came out  

Walked at fitness center yesterday morning, first stage was 17:44 minutes, second range was 17:35 minutes.  Did exercise in-between.

Still feeling my way concerning the new exercise program.  I really want to develop it to where I swim at least several days per week, once I get over my colds etc. 

Walking on an indoor track is a lot different from walking outside. So far, I am about a minute slower per mile on the indoor track.  I’m not  sure of the reason since it should be faster.  

I think part (or all) of it is psychological, somehow it is harder to keep up my speed inside.

The new exercises are mixed, of course I really haven’t leaned them all yet.  Many of them I can do at home, which will allow me to do other things at the fitness center in my limited time there.

The first month of 2019 is now almost half over.  As normal, time flies. 

Here is another example of incompetence and  a company thinking only of profit.

 We recently purchased a piece of furniture with the understanding that it had a “rechargeable” battery pack.  We asked the salesperson, who advised it did, we even called before delivery to make sure and was advised “all of them have rechargeable battery packs”.

When it was delivered, the delivery people said they didn’t have the rechargeable battery pack with them, but they even showed us how to put the rechargeable battery packs in.

I started calling the store, and calling, and calling.  Of course, no one returned my calls, until I finally called and advised them I hadn’t had any follow-up. 

Of course, I then  was advised that there were NO rechargeable battery packs for this item,.  By then we had lost five days (due to them not returning phone calls) of the seven day return period.  

Fortunately a (different) sales person did call back and let us look at possible replacements, but we didn’t find any good alternatives.  If we had had more time, we probably could have found what we wanted.  

I think that points out the problem with the “Commission only” model in one-time purchases. The sales person is looking only at the immediate profit and could care less about follow-through.

Also a lesson for us to make sure we look at all the details, and again, don’t allow a sales person interested in an immediate commission who could care less about our long term positive image of the company and doesn’t have any follow-through at all.   We need to remember he only interest (or at least primary interest in the best of them) is the immediate commission, not the right decision for us.   

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

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