2019 Winter January 16 Wednesday

40 degrees this morning (feels like 35), 80% humidity, will walk at fitness center

Weather is getting better, supposedly to get up to 60 degrees this weekend, but also hear tales about “winter mix’ rain/snow/whatever.  Sometimes it is is better not to know!

Now today, January 2019 really is half over.  

“Fitness session” yesterday.  Did a lot of different exercises, all of which I am sure were good.  My problem is having the time to do them!  I guess the answer is you do what you can and don’t worry about it!

Also a big problem is remembering them!  It seems so simple when I do it, but remembering exactly how is another thing!

Asked last night at Toastmasters about “my definition of success”.  While I muddled through the response, it is an excellent question.  

Perhaps my first thought is why worry about success?  Success is a a word and life it much more than about a word.  

On the other hand, “Success” is a good measurement. However, the term “Success” is very vague as noted by the fact the question was even asked.

The question did raise some questions and thoughts for me, and I will think about it some more.  

While the response can be as complex or simple at you want it, I think “success” is self-defined, or at least I hope it is.

That was actually one of my responses, that one of the measures of success is defining your own success and not using someone else’s standards.  

On the other hand, you could just say “what difference does it make”, or you could set some standards to define success.

I have to admit, I have never really thought about setting goals to be a “success”, what would happen when you reached your goals and considered yourself a “success”.  Would you quit, since you are not “successful”.

I think “success” has to be a fluid term that contains some basic standards and then depends on the winds of change and luck. 

Another question that was asked (not  to me) was “the best advice you ever had”.  My immediate thought was the advice the referee gives the boxers in a boxing match right before the start, ‘protect yourself at all times”.

If you think about it, “protect yourself at all times”, does not mean “don’t take any chances”, or you would never win a boxing match.  (I would never win one anyway since there is no way I would ever get in a boxing ring!)

I have actually used this phrase several times in discussing potential actions with persons.  “Protect yourself at all times” means not being stupid, not aimlessly opening yourself up to anything from an  “accidential” foul shot to a legitimate punch that hurts you.  

I have always thought the phrase was interesting and have probably used it where it really wasn’t appropriate, but then who knows when it is appropriate?

Wednesday, meaning we are nearing the start of the last half of the rest of the week towards a 3 day Holiday!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

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