2019 Winter January 18 Friday

36 degrees this morning, feels like 29 degrees, 99% humidity 

I don’t believe we are going to teach 70 degrees today, but we also may not be near “zero wind chill” tomorrow morning.  In the end, what is, is.

This Winter has seemed to be especially nasty weather from early on.  At least one month of Winter is almost over. 

Today is Friday.  On Monday Friday seemed so far off, but, suddenly, Friday is here.  A three-day weekend, which will be nice. 

As I have noted before, Holidays’ are especially nice, and 7 of 11 Holidays are from November 11 to  the third Monday of February.

Walk yesterday at fitness center, again in two phases with exercises in between

-17:47 minutes first stage

-16:55 minutes second stage

My pace is coming down a little, but still higher than walking outside.  

Not walking today due to a scheduled meeting.  I hope to develop some sort of pattern of exercise, walking and swimming.  

A lot of the exercises are the type I can do at home, I just need to build  it into my daily routine. 

It is really a shame that our supposedly “president” is nothing but a tantrum throwing lying pervert.  

I think it is best to treat that juvenile lying incompetent lunatic like any child throwing a tantrum, just ignore him. 

Hopefully in two years we will have an adult as President.

I am still working on “Siri Shortcuts”.  It is not an easy process, at least for me.  Like a lot of projects, it will suddenly all make sense.  

It does seem strange that Apple didn’t seem to develop Siri, and allowed Amazon and Google to get far ahead of them on the “digital assistant” development. Siri has gotten far behind both of them, although it still has a lot of good points.

Also working on how we can better use the “Echo” to assist in a variety of ways.  It has been outstanding for lists, reminders, timers, etc.  

My next major project with the Echo (and Google) will be to have it e-mail or text reminders to both of us.  Probably is fairly simple, I just need to concentrate on how to do it.

One of the problems with the reminders is that if we aren’t near the Echo, we don’t hear it.  Of course, we can always check the app for our reminders, but ….

Another important feature is the calendar function.  I thought I had the calendar set up, but I need to look at it some more.  Just a matter of  finding the time to do it and concentrate on it.

The calendar function is especially important since I could just see an appointment by talking to Echo while I am thinking about it and it could e-mail or text me reminders right before my appointment.  

I can set up the Apple Calendar to do that, and it works well, except it takes time to set it up.  

My search continues!  The obvious  good feature of Apple is I can set it up on one computer and it shows up on all of my devices.  

That’s it for now, Friday, January 18, 2019. 

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