2019 Winter January 19 Saturday

28 degrees this morning, (feels like 14 degrees), humidity 80%, Wind 23 mph

Rain last night, obviously any rain now will be freezing rain or snow.  Appears to be some rain, I haven’t been outside to check!  

Obviously no outside walk this morning, walk later today if roads are ok.  

At a critical point in our physical exercise “training”.  We have generally decided we are going to try to schedule in the exercises etc. we have learned before we keep on taking “training” classes, unless we (like I tend to do) forget how to do them!  

I am sure there is a balance we can find where we aren’t spending a lot of money to a trainer, but have a regular schedule of exercises and occasionally have a session for a reality check on where we are as far as exercise goes.

I have always focused on walking, bicycling, swimming, setups, and some weight work.  I thought (and still thinkI) I need to add some basic exercises for balance etc. No problems yet, but I want to avoid that also!  

As i mentioned yesterday, the problem is finding the time to do everything.  Being able to do a lot of the exercises at home will help, IF I actually do it!

I saw a story with the tag line “A real reporter takes the bullet”.  It concerned a newspaper owner in India who did a story  about a very powerful religious figure for sexual abuse and other crimes. His staff urged him not to publish since it would get him killed.  He reply was “A real reporter takes the bullet” and he published the story about a powerful religious figure and his illegal activities..

A week later he was shot and later died from the wounds.  It took 15 years, but eventually the religious official  was convicted and jailed for rape and later murder.  

While this is definitely true courage, I also wonder at what point he decided it was worth almost certain death to expose gross wrongdoing.  

Certainly the current news media and the the congressional cowards illustrate the lack of any courage by the news media.  I don’t think this involves the type of courage that will get you killed, but it definitely  requires someone with courage that isn’t afraid of losing their political job etc., experiencing some discomfort etc.  

A difficult call in any event, it all relates to personal courage, and, I assume, considering the benefits versus the cost.  Not for me to judge.

Another story I recently read concerning workers who use “exoskeleton” suits in their work place.  (Humans have an “internal skeleton”, many animals, like bugs etc.) have “exoskeletons” for external support.)

Anyway, many workers (in manufacturing etc.) are now using “exoskeleton” suits to take the pressure off their bodies and avoid injury etc.  

At first I wasn’t sure of what I thought of this (I thought there could be some negative consequences etc.), but it appears these are one way of getting essential jobs done, while avoiding many injuries etc. that result from lifting, reaching etc.  

I haven’t done a lot of research on it, but it is interesting to think how “exoskeleton” suite could be both helpful and harmful.  

Start of a 3 day weekend.  Obviously freezing rain or snow is not the best way to start a 3 day weekend, but it is what it is and it is still nice to have a 3 day weekend!

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 19, 2019.



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