2019 Winter January 20 Sunday

19 degrees this morning, 83% humidity 

We got the cold weather but not the snow and rain, other than a brief shower and hail on Friday night.  I”m not complaining!  I don’t believe the temperature got above 28 degrees or so yesterday.  

Temperature is supposed to get to 46 degrees today, which might seem almost balmy. 

Walked in fitness center yesterday.  Walked in two stages with exercise in between.

-First stage:  17:35 minutes,

Second Stage: -16:50 minutes, 

My “pace” is improving as I get used to walking on an indoor track.

What surprised me about my Apple watch was I was using the “rowing machine”, which I wasn’t going to record on my Apple watch, when the watch asked me if I was on a rowing machine  and recorded it when I said yes!

Amazing what the iWatch can do.  Probably I know about 10% (if that) of what it can do.  

Still working on “Siri Shortcuts”.  I am probably making it more complicated than it actually is, but it is not user friendly to say the least. 

Still having some wild dreams, don’t remember most of them long enough to record.  Here is a recent one.

2-19-19 Dream

Dreamed Aliene and I were in a huge mall, I believe in Indianapolis, but it could have been somewhere else.

We went in and almost immediately we get lost from each other.  I though Aliene had gone into a display in a huge truck trailer, but looked in and realized she probably wouldn’t have gone in since it was so high.  

Walked around the mall, went to the cafe to see if she was eating and reading.  There were a bunch of off duty clowns in the cafe, whom I tried to ignore while I looked for Aliene.  (I tried to look like it was common to have a bunch of off-duty clowns around).

Some of the clowns were fully dressed, others were partially dressed (in their clown costumes), all looked very sad or in despair, none looked funny or happy.. 

Walked around  the mall and started wondering what Ciy I was in  I got a map of the mall.  

There were several critters running around (I thought of them as “wombats’  in the dreamI) that were small and running around, falling down, jumping down stairs etc. like a bunch of clowns.  

Not sure what that was all about.  

Wondered if w could ever figure out how to get out after I found her.

Woke up.

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 20, 2019.  

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