2019 Winter January 21 Monday

34 degrees this morning (feels like 23 degrees), humidity 66%

“Warmer” weather today, supposed to get to the low 50’s.  Although yesterday was as low as 17 degrees, no wind made it seem warmer.  I noted the wind is 13 mph, up again today.  

Today, at least in my mind, marks the day that Winter is 1/3 gone.  Thank goodness.  Probably only about 40 days left of really bad weather and then  to me the real grind, starts when there is the occasional warm day, but otherwise the cool and cold air prevailing until mid May.  

Since I am susceptible to cold air even in a cold room (or even a really cold drink), it is especially a concern for me.   

Today is the third day of a 3-day holiday, I decided to treat today (for wake-up purposes) like a “regular” day and go to the fitness center at the usual time.

I am slowly starting to bring my time down on the inside walk, I still don’t understand why it is so much slower.  Something psychological about the lack of any real “markers”of progress I expect.  

Yesterday I did a full session of the walking and weights.  I don’t have time to do a full session most week days, I allow myself basically one hour before I hit the shower.  

Walking times yesterday were:

-Stage one:  17:23 minutes

-Stage two:   17:34 minutes 

I did a lot of different machines etc. in between.  My pace is getting a lot better, but too embarrassed to even mention how far away from my previous “goal” I am.

When I resume walking outside, I hope my pace is permanently slower, although by then, I may have lowered my pace to the old rate.

Concerning my “MacBook Air”, the battery is lasting a lot shorter time, but at least holds a charge and I can use it several hours.  

I did start looking at the price of  the new MacBook Air and was pleased to note I can “trade” this one in.  If I “trade” this one in, consider the price of a new battery and my Veteran’s discount, it almost makes it a “no brainer” to go ahead and get a new one.

I never really liked the term “no brainer”, I thought it was a lazy method of describing how to make a decision.  I think if it is used as a conclusion to a careful analysis of the facts etc., maybe I like it better.  However, if you take it literally, it doesn’t make a lot of sense either.  

Right now, I don’t really NEED a new MacBookAir, iPad or iPhone.  I may want a new one, but mine are operating fine, at least until they don’t.  Of course, it may be like an old car, it is worth something until it isn’t (engine go or etc.) and then you are i the position of “why didn’t I trade it in when I had the chance!”.  

What makes it more difficult is knowing the longer you wait (on upgrading electronic devices), the more chances they will be improved.  However, the MacBook Air and iPhone have just been upgraded and  the iPad, depending on the one I purchase, isn’t that close to the next upgrade.

I thought about waiting to trade in my phone until true 5G is (actually) available, but that is likely to be awhile before it is really available.

That’s it for now, Monday, January 21, 2019

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