2019 Winter January 23 Wednesday

23 degrees this morning (feels like 13 degrees), 74% humidity.

Temperature yesterday morning was 54 degrees or so, quickly dropped to 33 degrees by 3 p.m.!  Thank goodness the morning rain evaporated!  

Feeling much better today, didn’t eat much yesterday (which doesn’t hurt anything) and probably won’t exercise for several days.  

Don’t know if I got sick from food, or just a bug.  Whatever, I don’t want it again!

Forgot to plug my laptop in last night, so I am writing this watching the battery percentage on the computer.   

Field day today, not bad once I get started, even in weather like this.  

Just when I am feeling sorry for myself for the hard winter, I read about a city that “hasn’t seen the sun for 66 days”.  That is a hard winter!  

I don’t know if two months of daylight during the summer would compensate for that or not.  Actually, I like summer nights a lot better than I like winter nights!

I read an article about how large companies “donate” money to non-profit organizations when then assist the large company by lobbying for their proposals that will benefit them.  Some companies just have no class or ethics at all!  

One example was the ATT merger deal before the Federal Communications Commission.  ATT made a number of large donations to organizations whose goal in no way includes any interest in an ATT merger submitted letters of support, most closely aligned to the ATT lobbyist letters.

A detailed research study found that this is common place, especially in cases where federal “rule making” Boards are involved.  

The findings were:

-After a firm “donates” to a non-profit, it becomes more likely to comment on a “rule making use” completely unrelated to it’s goals, if the rule involves a benefit to the donating company.

-The “comments” are almost always closely follows and even mirrors the companies comments.

-The “non-profits” are seen as “independent” even though they were essentially “bought and paid for”.

Unfortunately, the tactic works, when corporations make big “donations” to non-profits, the decision tends to favor the company, especially when “independent” non-profits summit comments.  

Seems like they need to start disclosing that they received a large donation when they submit their comments!

The lying coward lunatic is obviously ignorant of what “real lives” are like.  The idea that his fantasy  wall (which will cost billions to build and billions to destroy in two years if it is ever built) is worth the pain and suffering is hardly “deal making”, it is extortion and scum, criminal behavior.    The fact that his congressional cowards are supporting it is unbelievable.  A new low in politics.  

Every time I think my opinion of him and his congressional cowards couldn’t get any worse, they succeed even my worse expectations.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 23, 2019.

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