2019 Winter January 24 Thursday

31 degrees this morning, 71 degrees humidity.  

In spite of the cold yesterday (23-32 degrees or so), it was actually almost nice with the lack of wind and sun!

No walking this morning, still somewhat recovering from being sick, plus my schedule today.  I miss walking in the outside every morning, but doubt if I could do it do to the cold and the effect it has on my allergy’s and asthma.

Scheduled to go to the allergy clinic today, the clinic had to reschedule for next week,  but hopefully will soon know if any allergies are involved.  

Feeling a lot better after my episode of illness Monday, but still feeling a little queasy occasionally, probably not even really related to what I had.   

January prods along, time seems to fly, but sometimes it seems like Winter is so slow!  As I mentioned, I’ll just take it one day at a time, glad that each day is a step closer to summer.

I turned in my planned “Annual Leave” for the year.  It feels good to plan days off for various events!  

Probably won’t have a “warm weather getaway” this year due to a variety of events, but that happens.  Maybe a short-notice one if we get a chance.

My experiment with an electric razor is going kind of up and down.  I thought it was going fairly good, and then I noticed (and then the person who cuts my hair noticed) that it wasn’t going that good! 

I don’t think it is the electric razor itself, I think it is the lack of technique using the electric razor on my part!  

Interesting stories about how the Apple Watch (and iPhone) is becoming a “medical device”.  As I mentioned recently, the “auto sleep” app is amazing, and I regularly check my pulse by the Apple watch.  

Even now, the Apple Watch has a large variety of medical uses, including fall detection, monitoring of heart beat etc., it is truly amazing.  

The City we live in is having a “candidates forum” tonight.  I always like government at the localist of levels, as I have mentioned before.  

There is going to be a swing in the City Council, since 3 of the 5 positions are open and will have new members (Mayor and two Council Members).  Hopefully it will be an interesting and enlightening forum!  

We have a favorite candidate for our Ward, so we are going to support as well as learn!  Politics at it’s most basic. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 24, 2019.

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