2019 Winter January 25 Friday

21 degrees this morning (feels like 13 degrees), 66% humidity.  Indoor walk later.

The nasty weather really continues.  While it isn’t a bad as it could be (ice, snow etc.) the temperature and wind that just keep coming back made it as nasty a winter as I remember.  

I read a comment I thought was appropriate (probably won’t get it quite right).  

Someone said this winter is like having a fight, you are yelled at, and then the person starts to leave and then keeps coming back and yelling “and one more thing”!  

That is what is so bad about this winter, it starts to leave for awhile and then just comes right back for a spell!

Heard a Beatles song yesterday, and it hit me how long it has been since I first heard a Beatles song. I was actually in college and in Denver for the summer working at Samsonite  when the album “Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band” was either released or at least consciously came to my mind.

The music has certainly endured a lot longer than I thought it would, through at least 4 generations, depending on how a “generation” is defined. 

Actually it reminded me of a “memory expert” who visited our high school.  That was the first I consciously remember the first Beatles song “I want to hold your hand”. 

He asked a number of current events and then he asked everyone to name the Beatles and most of the students knew all of their first and last names.  Of course his point was you remember that you have an incentive to remember.  

Ready to get back into walking and exercising.  While en enforced break is ok, and I like the extra time, I am ready to get back to it.

Still struggling with a lack of time.  I realize (like the memory experts comments), time is available for your priorities.  Of course the problem may be setting your priorities.

Perhaps the problem also is living your priorities!

Attended the local City Candidates Forum last night. It was interesting and basically well done, especially by the candidates.  

I realize from woking with them how much the local elected officials sacrifice and how much they contribute.  I admire the ones who serve for the “betterment of the community” and not because they have a special interest or some type of single purpose agenda.  

Unfortunately about 30 years ago, the “single purpose agenda” and not the general benefit of the community became more prevalent.  I actually observed it from a very close point!

I would laugh about it if it wasn’t such a problem, but it just amazes me when someone runs for political office on the basis that they “aren’t a politician” and “don’t have any government experience” like that is good.

Then it amazes me even more when they get elected based on the fact they are’t fit for the job!  

And then, I get worried when they want to change the laws so they appoint everyone based on “Accountability”, when by their own admission, they know nothing about government!  

I used to believe in the “short ballot” etc.  

Years ago, in my first “real” job, an Assistant City Manager told me the problem is that “anyone can get elected”.  

Unfortunately I realize now he was correct. 

That’s it for now, Friday, January 25, 2019.

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