2019 Winter January 26 Saturday

28 degrees (feels like 21 degrees), humidity 78 %, exercise later today inside.  

Weather is still cold and somewhat miserable.  When there is no wind and the sun is shining it’t not too bad.  

Exercise yesterday was short due to time constraints, 17:52 minutes.  

Still trying to incorporate exercise and walking etc. into a regular schedule.  I don’t know how I could walk in the early morning due to my reaction to cold and the wind in the morning.

Office day yesterday.  I always enjoy an office day since I can catch up on paperwork and feel like I am resolving some of my work load. 

Another weekend, thank goodness. Monday it seems like the the weekend is far off and suddenly it is here.  Likewise, the weekend starts and I think I have a lot of time and suddenly it is Monday!

Newspaper delivery has been habitually late, by several hours.  I know I have to cancel, just got to bring myself to do it.  For one thing, I just need to let them know I’m not going to accept poor service, or rather basically no service.

Probably if they had provided some reason for the extremely poor service and given some time line on when it would be improved, it would have been acceptable.  At least it would have seemed they cared a little about the inconvenience to customers.  

I think that illustrates the motive is profit, not customer service or any commitment to a decent newspaper.   

Realistically the days of the delivered newspaper are probably going the way of delivered milk and will soon disappear.  (Actually I don’t even remember delivered milk myself.)

Change happens, but I will miss the physical newspaper.  I don’t read the electronic newspapers near as often or as near as completely.  They still haven’t really mastered the electronic newspaper.  

The Washington Post does a good job on the iPhone version and the Wall Street Journal does a good job on the iPad version, but none of them really do a good desk/laptop version.  The best I have seen (and I no longer read since I don’t live there anymore) is the Memphis Commerical Appeal.

I don’t really have any suggestions on how to improve it, hopefully someone will come up with some better ideas for electronic newspapers.  

I won’t miss the extreme editorial page, which was starting to spill into the news stories, so it is time to cancel and just not support such extreme, self-righteous (and self serving) views.  

Still listening to the “Great Course” on “Biology” during my walk.  While I am learning a lot (based on “zero” knowledge, which still means I don’t know much about it!).  It is interesting, but it is easy for my mind to wander.  

I still don’t think of walking inside as “real walking”, but it seems to have the same effects!  I do notice the difference to my “well being” when I walk and when I don’t walk.  Life is much better when I walk!

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 26, 2019.




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