2019 Winter January 27 Sunday

34 degrees this morning (feels like 28), 60% humidity 

Cold weather is still hanging on, although it did get nice for several hours yesterday.  As long as there is no snow or rain, I am relatively happy!  As I mentioned, one day at a time, I am getting through Winter!

Walk yesterday, while I am still doing the walk in two stages, I am now using the “pause” function so it comes out as one stage.  

Walk was 33.43 minutes, 27 seconds slower than my “goal”, which is the best time I have had for an indoor walk.  

I was thinking about if the “indoor walk” was harder on my legs and feet.  Probably, since it is basically concrete covered by a thin (I assume) pad.  

Years ago, I learned the problem with running on concrete even versus asphalt payment.  Running on concrete I developed very bad shin splints, since concrete doesn’t have the “give” that asphalt does.

So far, so good, as far as walking on the indoor track, but I am going to avoid shin splints at all costs!  

I am trying to do a “set” of exercises on each machine at least several times per week.  I decided to do the “stretching” exercises etc. at home, but still searching for a time to put them in my schedule. 

It seems the best time for my schedule is early in the morning before I start work, but I already have too much scheduled at that time!

I used to do my exercise right after work since it provided kind of a “curtain” between work and my evening, but I kind of got away from that.

Robots.  Recently was surprised to learned that the term “Robot” was first used in 1920, so the term is less than 100 years old! 

Perhaps appropriately, the term “robot” comes from the word for “forced labor” or “servitude”.

I have never thought about it before, but I was startled to learn that the term “robot” actually refers to the robot as basically a slave.  

Somehow I always  thought of the robot as a willing helper, a willing participant in helping humans in the mundane tasks of life and more or less assisting humans in reaching true enlightenment by relieving us of the time consuming (or dangerous) tasks in our lives.  

On the other hand, the mere fact the term “robot” means “forced labor” doesn’t make it so.  

Just doing some brief research, robots have been designed or used in some manner almost since time began (without using the term “robot” of course, they used the more appropriate terms such as “artifical human”).   

Interesting reading about this, I am surprised what I learn each day!

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 27, 2019.

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