2019 Winter January 28 Monday

48 degrees this morning, humidity 44%, wind speed 12 mph

Should be mild weather today, except this is the high of the day and a cold front is coming in!  What else is new! 

Will walk inside this morning, debating trying swimming this morning, may or may not.  

Yesterday walked 35:24 minutes on the indoor track.  This is a “paused” total time, I walk one stage, then exercise and then walk another stage.  

Monday, start of another work week and the last week in January already!  

Speaking of “robots” yesterday, I am still surprised that the name is less than 100 years old.  On the other hand, maybe the name appeared when it was needed.  

Finished the audio book on biology while I was walking.  It was a 36 hour or so book, so I lived with it for a long time.  It was actually very informative.

I think part of the problem is processing information that I know I’m not going to use.  It is nice to hear it and interesting, but the fact I won’t be using it (at least no plans to) makes it harder to remember.  

That is one reason I like to mention items in this journal that have read about or that sound interesting, I think it is a memory device.  

I am reminded of the Professor I had in college, he would use colloquialisms (I even remember one “in the bag”, I believe although that doesn’t sound quite right).  

Anyway, he would use them in class and then when I would use them on the essay tests he would comment that I shouldn’t use non-standard English!  

That was probably the start of the period when the language was actually changing fast and I think it became acceptable to use “new terms”, even in business or legal type writing.  

I always felt the key is to communicate, not get concerned about the formal structure.   

However, I can also understand why a formal structure is needed, to insure that everyone does understand!  

Probably, especially the spoken language, has always changed rapidly.  I have always assumed it changed even more rapidly since the introduction of computers, space travel,, etc.

Anyway, back to robots, the term is concise and describes the items, although now there are so many types of robots, even more specialized words are needed o describe robots.  

That’s it for now, Monday, January 28, 2019. 

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