2019 Winer January 29 Tuesday

21 degrees this morning (feels like 21), humidity 80%

Weather forecast was right, it definitely turned colder this morning!  Actually, even 43 or so degrees yesterday was miserable due tot he wind and clouds.  It seemed like an especially bitter cold.

Walk yesterday was 16:57 minutes, then swimming after exercise.  Pace was the fastest it has been on the indoor floor, only 19 seconds slower than my goal

Felt good to swim again.  I didn’t try to swim in the lap pool, just paddled around getting used to swimming again.  I am trying to use ear plugs to keep water out of my ears.  Seemed to work well yesterday.

A moment of panic when I locked myself out of my locker, but at least I had my swimming trunks on!

Probably not going to exercise today, have early medical appointment.

Finished listening to the book on “biology”. 

Started listening to the Doris Kearns Goodwin book on “Leadership” during my walk.  Like all of her books, it promises to be an excellent book.

Today is “Kansas Day”, the state I grew up in and basically spent the first 40 years of my life.  Hopefully it is starting to turn around to be the state I remember. 

In regard  to “robots”, I am surprised at the intense dislike by some people of “digital assistants” like the Echo/Alexia and the Google mini.  

While I can understand people not liking something they don’t understand or have heard horror stories about, I think the Echo is a shining example of what a “robot” can be.  

While it isn’t perfect by any means, it is amazingly helpful in daily life, which to my idea is the perfect example of what a robot should do. 

There is probably some question as to where the Echo is a “robot’ but I think it meets most of the definitions of a “robot”, especially since it provides artificial support for human activities.

Perhaps part of the problem is that it is “oversold” somewhat as to what it can actually do, but it performs basic activities like reminders, appointments, timing, alarm clocks and especially lists every well.  

I really think the Echo, Google assistant etc. will be almost as life chaining as the iPhone, in the impact on our daily life.  In any event, we enjoy using it and have found it very valuable in our daily lives!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

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