2019 Winter January 31 Thursday

22 degrees this morning (feels like 13) humidity 71%

Cold weather continues, the good thing is that there is little wind and the sun is out, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.  

Walk yesterday, I walked and then went swimming, which was nice.  Walk was 26:30 minutes but I also went swimming about 15 minutes.  

Still struggling with time to do the exercises etc.

I continue to wonder how we have a juvenile, bullying, lying, coward so called President who makes vicious lying personal attacks, shovels tax dollars to his donors, lobbyists and big companies, including his,  and manages to maintain over 30% “support”.  Maybe that is the “fake news”.  

Doing my taxes, I am really angry that the lying coward lunatic and the congressional cowards gave all kinds of tax breaks to donors, lobbyists and big businesses, while increasing my taxes!  Sick.  

Of course, they did this by increasing the national debt, and now they are crying about how they have to “save money” by cutting social security etc. (which we paid for our entire lives).

I realize I can’t do much about it, especially since our congressional representatives are cowards and bootlickers who don’t have any political courage and completely ignore the people they are supposed to represent.

Saw a quote this morning that “dreaming is a form of planning”.  My first thought was about dreams while we are sleeping, but I’m sure she meant “dreaming” about plans and opportunities.  

I have observed a lot of types of “dreaming”, and I agree that dreaming is probably a necessary part of planning.  

The key is being able to implement your dreams, at least in some form.  

I have seen people who “dreamed” but that is all they did and then many people  who have dreams, some realistic, some unrealistic.  

I think it is important to dream the “unrealistic” dreams, since even unrealistic dreams may be achieved if the right circumstances enable the dreams to become reality.  If nothing else, while trying for unrealistic dreams, you may achieve other dreams.

Perhaps that relates to what I call my “Personal Strategic Plan”, realizing that dreams are achieved by “taking the first step” and starting action plans to meet your dreams and goals

Getting started and keeping it up on a regular basis are the keys. As always, easier said than done!

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 31, 2019.

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