2019 Winter February 1 Friday

45 degrees this morning 91% humidity, all later this morning.

Hopefully better weather today and this weekend.  At least the temperature will be higher, hopefully the wind will stay settled down.  

I really wonder how the first settlers lived in this area of the country, when they weren’t used to this type of weather and had only basic equipment etc.  I don’t doubt a bit that the continuous wind (especially in the western part) “drove people mad”.  

Thinking about battery’s again this morning and LED technology etc.  Electricity is such a basic necessity now.  Literally everything we do is based on electricity and I expect that we will need to develop battery technology and low-demand electric devices to allow battery powered houses.  

I have read that California is going to require “net zero” homes by 2020 and “net zero” businesses by 2030.  

This isn’t being accomplished by batteries (except by solar and wind storage), but hopefully it will encourage the development of high capacity batteries to store electricity.

At some point, I can see future houses where each house is powered by a battery or batteries, with a combination of solar, wind and some type of stored electricity.  

I changed the batteries in a tv remote and I was thinking it much have some kind of capacitor so it doesn’t lose all of the memory.  

January 2019 is already over, February is here!  

Another dream yesterday.  I like to keep track of them for any trends etc. although I know I probably remember only a small portion of my dreams.

Dream 1-31-19

Aliene and I were in a car, one of those old Station wagons.  We were traveling to a city we used to live in.

For some reasons, it was a long extended dream, with a variety of family members and friends getting in and out.

For some reason a big deal was dropping our laundry off and then we went past the cleaners and didn’t drop it off and keep on going.  

We kept stopping and having people on and off.

At one point of he dream I got on a very small elevator and went down and then realized I was i the wrong place.  It was a huge building.  

I don’t know what that had to do with the rest of the dream, but it is the parts I remember!

I believe that was where our travel started.  

That’s it for now, Friday, February 1, 2019.

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