2019 Winter February 2 Saturday

54 degrees this morning, 91% humidity.  Walk later

Sudden increase in temperature, supposed to reach the 60’s today, which is nice, especially on a weekend!

Walk yesterday was 24:51 minutes, and I swam about 20 minutes.  Pace was the best ever indoors, only 14 seconds slower than my goal!

I still haven’t figured out why my pace inside is or has been so much slower.  I thought at first it was psychological, but it could be environmental, 

I decided to do a walk and swim one day and a walk and exercise on alternate days, at least for awhile.  It is the only way I can get my exercise in.  

Haven’t decided if I am going to return to outdoor walking as the summer approaches.  I’m not really planning it either way.  It is nice to have the swimming pool and machines available.  

I will decide as the time arrives.  I remember how nice it is to sit on the patio in the early morning and I don’t think I want to change that.  Maybe there will be an acceptable alternative.  

As I note every 2nd of the month, it is now another month that we have lived here, another month on what I now realize will be my last “job”, not just my “new” job.  I plan to always have some sort of “work”, but I will see.  

This marks 4 years and 7 months since we have moved to this area, 4 years and 5 months since I started my job.  As I mentioned when we first moved here, at first you measure the time in weeks, then months and then years. Eventually you may even eventually measure it in decades.

While I don’t always remember the exact year, or even the range of years, I usually keep things in the right decade! (80’s, 90’s etc.).  

My marking points are basically the years I spend in a job, school or a specific city. 

When I think about it, I could measure by the year of beginning and the year of ending, perhaps a good way to measure something.  As an example, 2014 was the year of moving here, 2001 was the year we moved to Tennessee, 1988 was when I moved to  another job etc.

I was just thinking the other day of how many times so many decisions are casually made.  Jobs, cars, houses etc. all have long term significance on our lives.  

I think the best approach is to investigate and think enough to make a good decision and then make the decision.  The problem may be what is enough investigation and thinking!  

Sometimes, you just know it is right and don’t worry about it.  Certainly 22 years ago (actually in February, although we didn’t formally announce it until March 14) Aliene and I made what some may consider a fast major decision and it was the best decision I even made and I hope she feels so also!   (When we decided to get married!)

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 2, 2019.

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