2019 Winter February 3 Sunday

58 degrees this morning, 88% humidity, wind 19  mph

Error yesterday morning, said “64 degrees”, meant to say “54” degrees.  Of course, no matter what I said, it was 54 degrees!

Walk yesterday, indoor walk with exercise in between:

Walk 1: 17:05 minutes, pace 16 seconds longer than goal

Did exercise machines etc.

Walk 1:  16:36 minutes, pace 18 seconds longer than goal

I am gradually starting to accept the fact my “regular” walk will be inside, especially when I can combine it with a chance to swim!  It does keep me hopping on work days, but that is ok.

Supposed to reach 70 degrees today, unfortunately it will be one of those “warm” days that are really cold due to the wind and cloudy weather.  Kind of like a lot of Spring days that are really cold.

Looking forward to baseball season starting again.  One thing I really don’t like (about attending the games personally) is the cold days and nights when it is really too cold to sit and watch.  

Fortunately the AAA baseball club we watch has an inside area, but obviously it isn’t the same.  

I peeked at the schedule, and of course they have a “home stand” the entire time we are at the CMA Fest.  Last year it worked out well, this year not quite so well!  We can change our game tickets, but usually it isn’t our normal seats.  

That is also the time of year when the weather is finally warm/hot.

Super bowl today, usually the “super bore”.  I think there is a lot of anticipation and then people realize it is just another football game.

Of course, the NFL is becoming like the “pro wrestling”, with exaggerated rules and flamboyance.  I quit watching the NFL when the overtime rules were instituted which basically makes the gams a flip of the coin.  If they don’t care, why should I?  

I didn’t actually “quit”, I usually try to watch the playoffs, although this year I only watched a couple of games.  

Actually the Super Bowl commercials are another hype job.  Most of them have turned to crudeness, not humor and take themselves too seriously or are just boring and nonsense.  Some are still great.   

Anyway, whatever, it has turned into a big event for whatever reason, we will will be watching (on tape delay since the announcers take themselves way too seriously and we can skip a lot of he hype and bad commercials).  

Perhaps it takes a lot of bad commercials to create the few good  and creative commercials.  Unfortunately we have to watch the bad news to know they are bad!

That’s it for today, Sunday, February 2, 2019.

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