2019 Winter February 4 Monday

61 degrees this morning, wind 12 mph, humidity 65 %, walk later at fitness center.

Temperature over 70 degrees yesterday, high winds didn’t make it very enjoyable!  Supposed to be about the same, get cold later in the week.  

Walk and swim yesterday, walk 26:04 minutes and then swam about 20 minutes.  Pace of walk was about 21 seconds slower than my goal.

My “goal” is a true “goal” for inside walking since I haven’t met my goal yet on inside walking!  I still don’t know why my pace is slower inside, it seems like I am walking a lot faster.  

I noticed I made an error yesterday and put the date as 2-2-19, rather than 2-3-19.  Time just goes so fast!

Got the notice that Google + is shutting down.  I am disappointed at the way Google handled it, almost like it was the user’s fault that Google + was shutting down, not the results of whatever.  

Actually, I liked Google +, although I may not have used it as Google intended, I enjoyed it.  I actually learned a lot about my Apple Watch on Google+ and other helpful information.  

At least it will save me a few minutes per day since I immediately quit posting on Google +.  

I probably won’t download my posts, since I have them in other areas, although I well go ahead anyway.

One of my strategic plan goals is to download all of my posts from the first one, to an “Apple iBook”.  

I read yesterday about a book (“The Artists Way”) where one of the primary tasks is to “write 3 pages” in a journal every day, just using (my term) “flow of thought” and saying what comes to your mind.

i doubt if my posts quite qualify since even though it may not seem like it, I do need to censor some of my thoughts as I write!  

Actually, not as many as some may think.

Start of another week.  It seems like Monday gets here and a long week stretches ahead, but then I get started and it goes fast.

My main problem is, like my personal life, lack of time, especially office time,  to get everyone I want done!   My time should be a little more balanced between “office time” and “field time”,  but ….

Good to know that four days of February are already history (or well be tonight), meaning four more days towards Spring and Summer.  Baseball Spring Training is less than 30 days away!

That’s it for now, Monday, February 4, 2019.

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