2019 Winter February 5 Tuesday

Cold weather returns!  

Walk yesterday (at fitness center) was 33:10 minutes, pace was 18 seconds slower than my goal.  Also did exercises on machines etc.

Yesterday, the temperature went the other way from what I expected, as the temperature was in the 40’s but a wind and clouds made it feel much colder.

Mentioned about Google + closing.  I think a lot of it is the fact that Google is casually closing the site, it makes you wonder about all of their products and how reliable they are and if they will also be casually thrown aside.  

I don’t have many Google devices, and I probably will make a point of not buying them.

I was shocked to find one of the candidates in the local City election attracted one of the “dark money” funds that probably spent at least $7,000 on a mail out for one of the candidates, all they while spouting (and I am sure lying) that they “didn’t have any contact with the candidate or campaign.

Sure, tell me another one!  Why the “National Association of Realtors” based in Chicago, suddenly spends more money on one mailout than most of the candidates  have for their  campaigns is another example of big lobbyists trying to buy the programs they want, without any concern for the residents.  

A shame that such techniques are allowed, hopefully it will backfire and the candidate will lose big.  I certainly would never vote for him.

Strange that the National Association of Realtors would be touting “Smart Growth” which I’m sure is a lot different than I interpret “Smart Growth”.

That’s way such attempts to buy a candidate (or puppet) are so bad, some far off organization hiding behind some fake name can’t be asked what they expect their candidate to do and why it is worth spending thousands of dollars trying to get their way in a city they have no interest in as well as having to defend what they mean by “smart growth’ and other code words.

It was really a shock to see some far off organization spending so much money on a local election.  In my opinion it means that campaign financing  is  truly corrupt and it is going to take voters pushing back and refusing to back the candidates that have organizations spending obscene amounts of money on their candidates.

The slogan that they hadn’t been in contact with the candidate or campaign was an obvious lie.  

What is really scary is voters have no real idea who his behind the so called “National Association of Realtors”.  Is it developers pushing for small lots, no sidewalks and no parks, but just intensive apartments like the central city in this area?

The central city is allowing literally thousands of apartments, without any public improvements required, which will eventually be a disaster.  Hopefully our city will keep it’s high standards and block the attempt of the organization to buy the election. 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

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