2019 Winter February 6 2019

33 degrees this morning (feels like 26).  Appear’s to be a light freezing rain, hard to tell.  humidity  97%

Winter appears to be back!  

Training session yesterday, no exercise as such, although I think the training session is more exercise than I normally get!

I have never seen a more fake, pretentious, speech as I saw last night.  What do you expect from a lying  coward lunatic?  A game-player who will always lose in the end.   

Recently went for some “Allergy” tests and, of course, found I am allergic  to a number of plants and weeds etc.  (I was tested only for environmental factors, not food.)

Of course, they have a series of shots (at a hefty cost) that may or may not help.  I’m looking at the alternatives.  

I’ll do some research on Allergy shots and decide how to proceed. 

I read an article about food allergies.  The article mentioned that Doctors are “surprised by the scope of Adult-Adult-Onset food allergies”.  

While they don’t know what the cause is, theories include the increasing use of antibiotics, hybridization of plants etc, increasing use of insecticides etc.

Also, some believe that the increase in birth C-sections area a reason, since it affects the microbiome of babies.  

Another theory is the increasing sterile environments that change the bacteria in our digestive system and alter our immune system.

In other words, they really don’t know!  

Most common “adult onset” allergies include shellfish, milk/diary, wheat and tree nuts.  (The most common is shellfish.)

To make this more confusing, there are many conditions that mimic allergies, so you really don’t know if it is an allegory or another condition.  

I know from a personal perspective, I used to be able to eat (and did eat) bananas and shrimp, and now can’t eat them for whatever reasons.  One factor that makes me think it may be something besides an allergy is I get sick rather than develop breathing problems or rashes etc.

Onions are another food I don’t know if it was adult-onset, but I can get very sick from eating some types of onions.  Probably the worst is “onion burgers”, which I learned to stay away from after one episode.

Anyway, allergies are definitely a big business, both treatment and alternative foods.  

Early (for me) morning appointment this morning, hopefully the roads will be clear.  Appears to be a heavy fog, can’t tell if freezing rain or not, the weather apps etc. don’t mention bad road conditions.  

I’ll find out!  Fortunately if it is freezing rain etc., i have the option of not going!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

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