2019 Winter February 7 Thursday

24 degrees this morning (feels like 9), 19 mph wind, 87 % humidity.  

Some freezing rain during the night, so no walk this morning.  

Parts of the state are almost 0 degrees, other parts are 70+ etc. 

I have mentioned before about the unfortunate decision to purchase a Canon printer, which has not been a good printer.  

The other day I called the Canon “support line” and was very pleased with the outstanding assistance I received.  This after calling the “support line” provided in the information  I received with the printer and not being able to get through.

I got the “good number” from the Canon Facebook page.  I don’t necessarily like the printer any better, but at least I have a good number to call when something goes wrong.

I have actually found that using Facebook or Twitter is frequently a lot easier and better method to contact companies than calling, if you need assistance.  Delta has an especially effective Twitter assistance account.  

Newspapers are being delivered a little better, but still very erratic.  I am still deciding on how to proceed, whether to cancel my subscriptions.  If the delivery improves, I may keep it although, as I mentioned, both papers (Wall Street Journal and the local metropolitan paper) are allowing their editorial positions to influence their articles more, so they are becoming less important anyway.  

The weather the last few days (and this morning) will make me very glad when March gets here.  

Unfortunately for a number of reasons we probably won’t try to make a “warm weather getaway” this year, maybe next year.  At least I know the Spring and Summer is coming!  

I am slowing building up some “home gym” items, small items that I can use in a variety of ways.  Whether I actually use them or not is another factor, but they cost less than $40 for all of them and live in a drawer.  

Actually I have been using them and there are a lot of exercises I can do.

I have been debating, I really feel walking and swimming are the two best activities I can do.  Weights and exercises etc., are good, but if time is limited, I’ll do my walk and swimming first.  

For years I have been doing sit-ups (more likely crunches), some dumbbell exercises and the benchpress, along with walking.  I’m still evaluating the other exercises.  I feel they can be valuable, I am just trying to maximize the benefit of my available time!

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 7, 2019.

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