2019 Winter February 8 Friday

13 degrees this morning, 77% humidity 

Decided not to walk this morning.  The cold was one reason, but the remaining ice is the main reason.  

A light sheen of ice was on sidewalks and roads yesterday.  It never really got above 28 degrees or so, but the main parts of ice in the sunny area is mainly gone.  The wind also helped.  However, I noted there were “spots” of ice (especially in shady areas etc.) the can “grab” you!  

As we said when I was in the Air Force in Goose Bay Labrador, you never see the “snow snakes” until they bite you! 

While I normally have a “field day” on Thursday, I decided to not take a chance and worked  an “office day” and make today my”field day”.  As always, I got a lot done on my “office day”.  I am always behind on my office work.  

It is amazing to watch children grow and develop.  As I have thought many times, you can really notice how fast time passes when you see how children grow.

It happens just “one day at a time”, but it is still fast!  

I think that is why I think that it is is so important to be aware of what I do each day, including taking time to enjoy the moment and the day while making some “continuous improvement”.

There are a lot of theories about reducing “clutter” and getting organized.  I have probably read or at least got a summary of most of them!  

All of them sound good, and most probably work if you actually do follow the procedure.  Like anything the problem is following the procedure every day.

I read an article about losing weight the other day, where the writer went into excruciating detail about using “digital” to lost weight.  I won’t go into all of the details (I really didn’t read all of it after I saw where it was going).

Anyway, it was too involved for me.  If it worked that is great, but I”m not sure how healthy it is to become so anal about every little step.

The best diet (or eating pattern as I try to call it) for me was just avoiding carbs and eating as few as possible and limiting high sugar items.  I really think one of the keys is allowing yourself to eat what you enjoy but be aware of what you eat.

There are a lot of eating plans that work, just like clearing clutter and becoming organized, the secret is to follow it every day!

Ditto with exercise.  I took some training sessions and I can see the good in all of the exercises.  However, I don’t see myself spending hours per day doing exercise.  I do spend about an hour a day, probably 2 hours, but that is really my limit.  As I mentioned yesterday, I want to make sure I walk and (when possible swim) as the basic routines with weights, crunches etc. when I have time.  Also, bicycling is important when he weather is a little better, again it is just a matter of time.  

That’s ti for now, Friday, February 8, 2019.

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