2019 Winter February 9 Saturday

23 degrees (feels like 13) this morning, humidity 64%, walk/swim later today

The cold is becoming the type of cold that gets into your bones and seems to stay with you even in a warm house or car.  

The only cure is to get away for several days to a warm area.  While it is temporary, you come back renewed.  Since that may not be possible this year, another “cure” I found that helps on a temporary basis is to sit in a sauna for a while!  It does seem to warm you up.  Since we belong to a fitness club that offers a sauna, steam room and swimming pool, I plan on taking advantage of it!

Another way of dealing with the “cold in the bones” Winter is to develop the “one day at a time” frame of mind and realize each day is another day towards Summer and warm weather!

Haven’t walked for several days, due primarily to the icy weather.  I feel it fast when I don’t walk especially and plan to walk later today.

Looking at my projects on my “Personal Strategic Plan”, I am pleased about the progress on some areas, disappointed about others.  

I need to review my “Personal Strategic Plan” on a regular basis (perhaps weekly) and tweak it a little as time goes on.  

Speaking of time, another Saturday morning!  Monday starts and the week seems to stretch far ahead, and then suddenly the work week is gone and Friday is here.  

As I wrote the date “February 9” this morning, I realized that 2019 is already over 10% gone!  (40 days of 365 days!).  

After a particularly stupid and inane editorial by the Wall Street Journal, I had to question how I can believe the articles of an outfit that has opinions and beliefs that show now out of touch with reality they are at best, and supporting a lying coward lunatic because he shovels tax $ to them and has made life a lot more dangerous by allowing companies who are unscrupulous to promote a dangerous environment and cheat consumers.  (Leading to “profits” by the businesses, but at what cost?)

There are numerous examples of his “administration” of incompetents and cowards and probably criminals allowing companies to poison the environment and promote cheating consumers (such as the loan sharks who prey on the desperate) in return for huge “donations”.   Sick.

Anyway I got so angry I was going to cancel my Wall Street Journal subscription and of course the only way is to “call” them.  

So I put in a long “vacation” suspension, which will give me a chance to see how I do without the Wall Street Journal, after literally decades of subscribing to it.  The quality of their articles has substantially deteriorated and it has reached the point where I can’t believe their articles so it may be time. 

On the other hand, it has been a good newspaper, and still has flashes of excellence, but since I really can’t believe their articles anymore, it may be time to go ahead and cancel.  I’ll see after my “vacation” from them.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 9, 2019.


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