2019 Winter February 10 Sunday

34 degrees this morning, feels like 24, wind 14 mph, humidity 91%, walk later at the fitness center. 

Cold weather continues.  It really seemed to “bite” yesterday, started off very cold, never really “warmed” up.  

Walk and swim yesterday, walk 24:36 minutes, swim 15 minutes, pace was 19 seconds slower than goal.  

I don’t know if it is walking inside, medicine or something else, but I”m not coughing etc. near as much.  Of course, I have had short periods when I felt better and then suddenly started coughing more (like last year mid-February!). 

The allergy tests showed I was allergic to a lot of different substances, However, the cold weather, and “exercise induced asthma” is probably the major factors. 

Actually I can remember when I was in high school and tried to run or exercise, I ended up in a coughing fit.  Ditto especially exercise in cold weather.  That was before I learned to wear something over my mouth so I didn’t breath in cold air.

Finished my taxes, thanks to “Turbo Tax”.  I don’t really like all of their “up sell” attempts to peddle all of their other services or their corny attempts at encouragement, but the tax return software seems to work, which is the main thing.  

It seems they could mention their “extra services” one time, but instead they continuously make you “refuse” their extra stuff.  Which I am very happy to do. 

Disgusted that  we are paying higher taxes while the donors, lobbyists and the fat cats are getting huge tax cuts, getting rich by “buying back” there own shares etc. with my taxes. 

The worst part is the lying coward lunatic and his congressional cowards have added trillions to the national debt for future generations to rip off tax $ for themselves and their donors, lobbyists and their fat cat buddies who want to buy a 5th house or a 3ed jet plane.

That, while sabotaging medical care, protective regulations etc for low and moderate income persons!   

As they say, I expect there will be a special place in hell for them.  

Anyway, it is good to get our taxes done, although it is a shock to see what the tax percentage increase is and the ripping off of our deductions make it especially bad.  

I just hope the current anger is remembered at the ballot box in the future and these criminals are voted out of office! and hopefully their successors will make back their huge tax supported retirements etc. as well as the huge tax cuts!  

Just got reminder about the family reunion in late June.  Feels good to think about hot weather again!  

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 10, 2019.

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