2019 Winter February 11 Monday

40 degrees this morning, very foggy, 100% humidity.  

Walk (yesterday) , 25:05 minutes, exercise and 15 minutes swim.  

Extremely foggy out this morning.  Probably no walk or swim this morning, very early appointment, a little concerned about the fog.  The weather radar looks like it is rain, but it is just a very heavy fog.

At least it isn’t below freezing or it would be a real mess!

Start of another work week. Before we know it, it will be Friday!  

Next week is a three day weekend, the last Holiday until Memorial Day! 

I always remember Memorial Day when I as  child as the day we went to Soldier Kansas to the cemetery.  We didn’t travel a lot, so it was always a memorable trip.  

For some odd reason I can remember my Dad saying it cost .10 cents per mile to drive a car  one time as we drove to the cemetery.

Those was for gas, repairs, depreciation etc. Today  they say it costs .57 per mile to drive now).

If you think about it, it is amazing that it only costs .57 per mile to drive now, if it cost .10 per mile when I was a child!  Gas was much lower,  cars were much cheaper, but the cars weren’t nearly as good and required a lot more maintenance.  

As an example, I used to have to get an oil change every 2 or 3,000 miles, all kinds of things like tune-ups etc.  A car right last 60,000 miles and 100,000 miles was considered excellent for  a car. 

Now, the Camry we have has an oil change every 10,000 miles and, other  than tires and filters, absolutely no maintenance costs.  At 70,000 miles, it is still considered a baby and probably can easily go 200,000 to 300,000 miles.  

What is scary is when I hear about costs when something does go wrong, the costs of engine repair or I heard $3,000 for a transmission repair!   

Anyway, I know the cars now are much better when they used to be and thank goodness, they “don’t make them like they used too!”.

Really weird dream this morning (I didn’t write it down it was in the middle of the night).  One of those dreams i wake up and say thank goodness it was just a dream!  I won’t go into detail on it since I didn’t write down the dream, but I can still remember parts of it since it was so strong.  

Reviewed my “Personal Strategic Plan”.  I was actually rather pleased at some of my short-term accomplishments.  Of course, I could say I “cheated” a bit, since I have some “low hanging fruit” as some goals!

On the other hand, that is probably a good approach, insure that I show some progress  and keep my interest in enlarging and maintaining the plan.

I have it on my “Apple Notes” where I can access it and adjust/add new items any time. 

My next step will be to make sure I take a minute to review it literally every day, and start to develop long-term step by step Action Plans for my long-term, more complex goals.  

I have found it is easy to get tied up in the “planning” and not actually start the implementation!

That’s it for now, Monday, February 11, 2019.

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