2019 Winter February 12 Tuesday

36 degrees this morning (feels like 26), humidity 84%, wind 18 mph

Miserable weather continues.  Yesterday, temperature wasn’t all that bad, but cloudy with rain in the evening.  

Walk/exercise later this morning at the fitness center.  

The ability to swim, use the sauna etc. in an area that isn’t too difficult to get top or too far is really a dream come true.  Especially since, at least thus far, there has always been plenty of room to go swimming at the times I like to go swimming, use the whirlpool, sauna etc.   

I’m not really sure about the exercise machines etc. yet, or even the exercises with the small items I can use at home.  I don’t want to get all that involved in that type of exercise (i.e. every day), but I want to do enough that it helps.  

I will always believe that the basics of exercise I will continue to do is walk, swim and bicycle, with my basic exercises being crunches (sit-ups), working with dumb bells and the bench press.  I think the other exercises are valuable, I just need to balance the time involved with the value of the exercises.  

While walking, I am listening to Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book on “Leadership” where she has researched and writes about the leadership development of Presidents Abraham Lincoln,  Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

Thus far, the book has included each of their early development, which of course was varied.

Last night, at Toastmasters, a member gave an excellent speech about Leadership styles which kind of fit in with the book.

On another subject, I was pondering a box of Kleenex and how all of he tissues come out just right so the next one is ready.  Actually, one didn’t come out just right, which got me wondering how they do it.  

It is something we take for granted now,  but if you think about it, it took some creative thinking to even come up with the idea of a disposable tissue.  Even after the inventor got the concept, they had to actually decide how to manufacture it, market it etc.  

I used to live near a City the had a plant made the Kleenex boxes and, thinking about it, I wish I had asked about a tour.  

I was thinking about how they have to have the Kleenex “just right”, so that they fit in the box, and then folded so one is always ready.

I don’t know how long Kleenex tissues have been out, but I do remember my mom saying that they were much safer than cloth handkerchiefs because you could just throw them away. 

I’ll have to research that and see if there was any objection on environmental grounds when they came out.  Probably the benefit exceeded any environmental or other costs.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

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